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Why African Americans Are Going Back To The Old Days.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In the 1800’s African Americans were in the congress of the United States. African Americans even owned slaves and/or indentured servants (no I am not bragging about that). By the 1920s we had Black Wall street, the most successful business community circulation of the dollar that has ever existed in this country among any group. In the 1940s Harlem was just like in the movie Harlem Nights – African American class, status, wealth and to a point, financial independence. But how then do we get from there to where our communities are now? High dropout rates, infidelity, drug abuse, prostitution, theft, “black on black” crime, incarcerations, divorce rate increases, dilapidated neighborhoods, low self-esteem and self-sabotaging behavior all have invaded and infected the African American community like never before. But why?

The first reason is because each generation has less and less proactive, productive participation.

We have made the excuse that we are too busy. We have become complacent with a $40,000 annual salary, a house and two cars – presupposing we have arrived. We have gotten mentally fat and lazy. And it is getting worse every generation.

The second reason is because our community has largely redefined what success looks like.

We have become infatuated with King celebrations and commemorations instead of launching our own dreams and visions. Does anybody else have a dream? Too many African Americans accept comedians (Bill Cosby), godless talk show hosts (Oprah), trashy young women (Nikki Minaj) and rappers who call us nigga (Jay-Z) as role models. But none of them are going to pay your bills.


Ironically, none of the above are successful in family, honor and integrity all at once – only financially. Looking at and admiring the wrong thing causes many of our people to set the wrong goals, follow the wrong people and emulate the wrong behavior. Our people spend far too much time living vicariously through blow up dolls like the KarTrashians, the fake housewives of where ever and athletes who end up broke, divorced or passed out in whore houses. African Americans, in many cases, are not mastering reality – they are trying to avoid it. Enter marijuana use and addiction, neither of which ever solved any problems.

The third reason is because so many of our people misdirect their energy and efforts into activities that make us feel good but take us nowhere.

This is what comes after reason number two above. Entertainment has taken center stage and our people have to have it as if it is a drug. The choir in church, the play, the game, the concert, the video game and the music all stimulate our entertainment center of the brain while our intellectual center gets dull and goes dormant. Thus reason number 4.

The fourth reason is because our people have allowed themselves to be “dumbed down” without even knowing it.

This is directly related to reason number three and part of the natural progression thereafter. Our heads hurt when we are required to think on a higher level or face the truth in the mirror. We shy away from reading a book unless its “facebook“. And we don’t want to know who won the presidential debate because we have to watch the game or the hip hop awards. Just as in the movie They Live, we have been lulled to sleep and turned into zombies. Is it any wonder that in 2011 the CDC put out a zombie control plan?

The fifth reason is because our people have accepted that the corporate plantation or the federal government are their only or primary means of survival.

How would you survive if you lost your job tomorrow? Every election many of us hope for a President who will walk on water, wave a magic wand and fix our lives. Generations of our people before us could not rely on those agencies or institutions and thus had to rely on themselves and each other. But as soon as desegregation hit, the power of our dollar and our support for each other migrated out of our community like a rocket. Now we hardly own anything in our own neighborhoods and the Asians have the businesses we should have to help our own communities.


The sixth reason is the loss of accountability in the African American community.

Our people of today largely fail to realize we are all connected and what one does affects many more of us. We won’t tell our little cousin to stop stealing TVs because we are too busy trying to get one from him “for the low”. We have accepted the deterioration of our morality and our spirituality and roles have become lost or confused. Our men don’t know what they are, how they should act or who they should desire. Our women don’t know how to be ladies instead of “gettin money“. We neither participate in our children’s schools nor push their education. We don’t check their homework anymore, help them with it or sit down for dinner as a family. Instead everyone claims they are too busy. The Xbox and Playstation are raising and programming our children and parents are either not paying attention or participating as a part of the problem.


Have we made progress? Yes. But a man who looks like us in the White House is hardly enough and that is not the ultimate sign of progress. Do the statements I have made include every African American? Certainly not but far too many of our people are included. We have a shortage of leaders and our people make the mistake of staying frozen until the next one arises. But your leader is in the mirror and you make things happen for you and your family. You, not the church, not the government, not the corporation. Herein lies confidence and self-sufficiency. I am not leaving out God but He does not have to pay your bills and live your life – you do.

You have been given everything you need to survive, excel and thrive if you would just wake up! No more excuses. It is not hopeless and you are not helpless, if you only wake up!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

Are you a DemocratRepublican? I write on behalf of the Black Community. Feel free to contact me at; Marque@ThyBlackMan.com.


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