African American Community; Slave-Minded Programming You Didn’t Know You Had.

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( For everything there is a reason. There is a reason our people (African Americans) will not work together. There is a reason our people do not trust each other. There is a reason we play crabs in a basket, pulling each other down and betraying each other instead of helping and being happy for each other’s success. There is a reason (not an excuse) for our communities having the highest numbers of children born out of wedlock. There is a reason for “black on black crime” at the rate of 90% of the crimes we face. There is a reason most of our people call themselves “black” even though our color is brown. Black scientifically is not even a color and our car tires are black, not our skin.

It is powerful programming that can make us forget our colors and call ourselves something we clearly are not. There is a reason our people allow everyone else to define us but us. There is a reason so many of our people are in denial. There is a reason so many of our pastors are entertaining the flock and fleecing the sheep instead of feeding and teaching them to be spiritually and financially independent. There is a reason our African American psychologists, sociologists and authors do not say what I am daring to say.

All of the above have the same reason – slave programming. Patterns of behavior and cycles programmed into the subconscious of our people all the way back from the time of slavery. Our behavior thus matches how other groups see us and how we have been fooled into seeing ourselves. It is then no surprise that so many African Americans fight to stay high on weed that masks depression, addiction, hopelessness and the ability to think for themselves. If you over stand the programming, you can recognize why our people call each other “nigga“, walk around saggin, feed their minds with entertainment as their intellect grows weaker and fight to stay in the deep, dark cave of ignorance.

Slave Minded

Whether it is brainwashing, indoctrination, subliminal messaging, frequency and thought implantation or neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), it is so effective that most of our people will deny that these things exist. Then they will go on to deny they have been programmed. That simply means the programming is working and it can be seen in our self-sabotaging behavior towards ourselves and our people.

You may think all of your habits, behaviors and decisions are your own, but in fact many of them are not. They are group behavior, learned, reinforced, monitored and programmed into your subconscious. This programming entered in and is constantly reinforced through television, music, radio frequency, internet, video games, the images you see and the role models you accept or even emulate. They are the negative results of negative energy cycles, errors, misperceptions and derogatory images, generation after generation.

I suggest you go to which is the United States government’s patent and trademark website. Do a “patent search” on mind control patents and see what you find.

So let’s examine what implanted thoughts and programmed behaviors have been influencing you and/or impacting African Americans around you. This is only a partial list but more than enough to illustrate my point. If you disagree, look around you at African American friends, family members, church members and even co-workers. An honest observation will help you see the shocking truth and expose the plan that has been set in place to get us to destroy ourselves. It is not “white” police officers who will be the biggest threat or danger to African Americans. The biggest threat is from our people who have been programmed to destroy us. Destruction of us by us and upon us, all from people who cannot see or refuse to see. These attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, actions and reactions may surprise some of you.

1. You don’t matter as long as I get mine.

2. We are not all connected. I just do me.

3. Stay suspicious of African Americans and see us as the dictionary defines “black“.

4. Stay divided and don’t trust African Americans.

5. Get over on our people whenever you can because life is about a good hustle.

6. Give as little as possible of myself but take as much as I can.

7. Don’t follow through on what I say I will do unless I will get in trouble for it.

8. I have to keep working for somebody else for the rest of my life.

9. The “white” man’s ice is colder than ours. Trust him more.

10. Trust the “white” man and his corporations to take care of me.

11. Trust the government to take care of me because it’s really not up to me.

12. Because I am really still a slave or indentured servant to the master.

13. Therefore I cannot make it unless he helps me, hires me, determines my income and assigns my value to me.

These things may be hard to hear but I guarantee you that the majority of African Americans have these thoughts and they are influenced by them. As a family and relationship counselor for over a decade, I have seen thousands of cases that verify what I have just said. The programmed thinking I speak of affects our education, how we treat our children, what we expect from ourselves and what we expect from other African Americans. Oh yes it does, like it or not. And our psychologists and sociologists are doing next to nothing to expose this programming because some of them don’t know, others don’t care and yet others have been bought off. It goes much deeper than Willie Lynch ever could and now programming an entire ethnic group of people has gone hi-tech. I could go much deeper, but for now, I have given you enough to think about, discuss and research.

We have played right into the hands of an ingenious, infamous oppressor. And with our help, his hand has closed around us as surely as the talon of the eagle clutches the Native-American arrows on the back of the dollar. An oppressor need not destroy a people if he can get that people to do it to themselves, especially when they will deny it and fight for the right of self-destruction.

We can open educational, civil, political and financial doors of opportunity for African Americans, but as a people, we will not take full advantage of those opportunities to break free and excel until the programming that sabotages and restrains us has been stopped. This article thus explains why most of our people are not entrepreneurs and why we still have not built another “black wallstreet“. This article explains embedded self-hatred, promiscuity, homelessness, crime, divorce, division and abuse in our communities. Our people have been programmed to struggle against ourselves. But it’s time past time to wake up. And unfortunately, instead of looking into what I am saying, a great many of our people will criticize it, walk in denial and disagree with or insult me. But those who do are proving my point.

So what are the solutions? First we have to recognize and admit the programming is taking place. Then we have to admit where it is coming from. Next we have to cut it off and refuse to support it, whether it’s on TV, in music or in video games. Then we have to start the re-programming by rebuilding positive images everywhere in the African American community. We must build, correct and display identity, all the while drawing the line in the sand for the world on how we must be treated and leading the way. WE MUST TEACH THE WORLD HOW TO TREAT US! Next we have to build financial self-sufficiency – and not just with college educations or multi-level marketing. Real independence, entrepreneurship, quality products and services, customer service, courtesy, fair pricing and unified coalitions and consortiums. We must help each other instead of using each other with selfish agendas.

We have to support each other and hold each other accountable for much higher and greater expectations, including expecting more from ourselves and keeping our word. We have to dream and walk out visions instead of just celebrating and commemorating the ones some else had. Do you have another dream? King walked out his as far as he could go but what about yours? We have to respect each other and make our children do the same through the African American community regarding their elders, in our schools and in the mirror.

There is a reason so many of our young boys have no self-esteem and so many of our young girls are emulating trashy whores like Nikki Mirage or Meg the Hoochie Mama. There is a reason our children and adults are confused about what gender they are, what gender they should want and the illusion that you can change a gender by simply switching parts. There is a reason our men act like dogs in heat and our women try to rule over them or have no respect for them. There is a reason the courts have become our new auction blocks and the prisons have become our new plantations. But all that can change as soon as we wake up as a people.

Please wake up and wake somebody else up by sharing this article.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

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