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African American Women – Teaser Hoochie Dressing is a NO NO!

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( First let me say that sociologically (not legally) any person has the right to dress any way he or she likes. But in a realistic world, our women need to know they will be perceived, received and approached based on how they present themselves. The same is true for us men as well but we all would be wise to recognize the double standard that exists – and that dressing the way a woman wants cannot change that standard. Thus if a woman dresses like a “hoe’ or hoochie, she will likely be seen as one – regardless of what she intended, regardless of right and wrong and regardless of whether she knows or accepts this hard cold reality or not. She may also attract the very types of attention or elements she does not want.

Other countries realize this. Other cultures realize this. Other ethnic groups realize this. And every world religion realizes this too. But somehow in America our people have fallen into the “anything goes” trap.

Now let’s define “Teaser Hoochie Dressing Black Women” (THDBWs).  You may say these are my opinions, but nevertheless you know they are also facts – like them or not. THDBWs are women (or girls) who wear tight clothing to accent body parts and draw attention to themselves. Many of them want the visual attention but they only want certain types of men to actually approach them. If the woman is not interested in the man she has attracted, she will easily get offended at his comments or shun his approach. Yet if she is interested in the man who approaches her, he can say the exact same things as the other man did and the woman will flirt and smile and welcome the attention.


The Teaser Hoochie Dressing “Black” Woman is not just dressing as she does because she likes to look at herself in the mirror. If she tells you that she is lying to you and if she tells herself that, she is in denial. She may dress that way because she does not realize the signals she sends, but I would think more often than not, she knows exactly what signals she is sending. She may dress that way to use “the booty” to get attention which will make her feel good because she is insecure.

She may dress that way because she actually might be a “hoe”, a chicken-head or a hoochie. She may dress that way because her friends do it. She may dress that way because she cannot distinguish what is sexy from what is hoochie. She may dress that way because that is what she saw in her family. She may even dress that way because she is determined to dress as she wants regardless of the messages she sends when she does. Maybe she does not respect herself. Maybe she is a tease. Or maybe she is a nice girl, nice but clueless.

Let me reiterate, any woman of any ethnic group has the right to dress however she wants, within legal guidelines of course. And I have the right to walk through the roughest area of Chicago, Detroit, New York or Atlanta counting hundred dollar bills at 3am in the morning all by myself. But if I do, we both know what is likely to happen. Was I bothering anybody? No. Was I hurting anybody? No. But when the police show up, they are going to look at me as clueless and detached from reality. Why? Because I did not use common sense in my environment and I exposed myself to the bad elements of society – whether I meant to or not. The same holds true for the women I speak about in this article. Actions have consequences – fair or not, right or not.

Michael Jackson said d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s. Bell Biv Devoe said that girl is pooooiiiisssssoooonnnn. Yet so many brothers today ignore the warnings put to music and get drawn in by a big butt and a smile – wallet and all. From magazines like Playboy and the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition to beauty pageants to your local Hooters, to Beyonce and anaconda-loving Nikki Mirage, we men are bombarded with female body parts that tap into our hormones with teasing and temptation. So what’s a guy supposed to do when they are the spiders and our hormones draw us into their webs?


As hard as it may be brothers, go for the woman of substance, character and identity who values and respects herself. She does not have to flaunt every curve because she has so much more to offer than her body. And while the other women often look almost irresistible, resistance is not futile. Do not allow yourself to be teased and lured into the web, because if you do, you may not escape. What I am telling you takes willpower and personal standards and integrity and character. But the more you take a stand, the more women will realize that you cannot be so easily manipulated. And at that point things will begin to change for everybody.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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