Book Review; Tabitha Brown is “Feeding is Soul”.

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( I’m definitely not vegan, though I love vegetables. I began seeing videos on social media of Tabitha Brown making various dishes. The various fruit and veggie recipes had my attention, but more importantly there was a warm familiar spirit about this woman. I loved listening to her talk. She was always so positive and encouraging. Furthermore, I loved the idea of “because that’s my business”. I was always quick to tell someone something was none of their business, so her trademark line was gold with me. However, the more you paid attention…she began to sound like an Auntie with a wealth of knowledge to share while preparing a meal. This took many of us back to the kitchen with the elder woman in our family. In Tabitha Brown’s book “Feeding The Soul” she shares her soul while nurturing the reader.

“Honey, here’s what I know without a shadow of a doubt: Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. “

She takes the time to share the various challenges of her life and how her faith was tried…and how she overcame. In this book she definitely gets into your business so that you can better understand your business. Tabitha Brown has a wonderful way of connecting with the reader about love, happiness, forgiveness, and working towards your dream. She is clear about dangers of negativity, but all is conveyed in a loving manner. The reader is not led to feel attacked at any time. It’s as though she’s talking to our inner concerns and insecurities with care and compassion. Even though she does keep it real…the reader might feel as though the author understands the struggles of life.

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“Discouragement is like a disease. It can make you mentally sick. You’ll find yourself so fixated on what didn’t happen or what wasn’t done that you eventually end up stuck in a well of negativity.”

“Baby, it’s time to stop running. You know what I mean. Aren’t you tired? You want the most amazing life but don’t want to face the things that prevent you from having it. You can’t keep running from your problems, because eventually they will catch up with you.”

Though some found Tabitha Brown because they were looking for vegan ideas, she appeals to all. Her reach is far greater than cooking. “Feeding The Soul” is a book that you will have on repeat. You can’t just read it once. It will be a book you return to when you need to have that encounter with your literary Auntie. She will understand, tell you about yourself, hold you accountable, give you the guidance you need, and do so while dropping a few recipe ideas for you to try. You can read this book solo, or in a circle with your closest friends and family. You can have discussions about nurturing one’s dreams and tending to one’s business with Tabitha Brown’s amazing book as a guide. Let it nurture your soul.

“There’s a learning curve with everything. Be intentional. Calculate your moves. You will likely make fewer mistakes if slow down a little bit and do it right. And there are plenty mistakes to be made just in normal course of growing and learning. So why add on mistakes made simply because you rushed.”

Feed Your Soul”, by Tabitha Brown can be found in local bookstores, Amazon, and anywhere books can be purchased.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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