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Why African Americans Are “Expendable”.

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( Before the European invaders (settlers and colonists) came to this country, they were not called “white“. Before they bought, abducted and subjugated the Africans onto this land, the Africans were NOT called “black“.  The Africans were known by tribe, by family and by geographic area (Igbo, Nigerians etc.). Then the Caucasian invaders labeled our people as “black” which we are not and never have been. They also labeled themselves “white” which they are not either. They embedded these lies into the culture, communities and psyche of the people and the deception took root. These colors were selected to distance Caucasian people from Africans and to establish a sharp contrast as different as day from night, light from dark and good from evil. The proof can be seen in the American dictionary denotative definitions of “black” and “white” even today and we will get deeper into that proof a little later herein.

You can never expect to free yourself by using the very chains that bind you.

The more they repeated the lie, the more African Americans adopted it and ignored the colors that our own eyes saw. Then they embedded several protective mechanisms to keep the lie in place, making us forget our colors and accept the inaccurate definition or label they gave us. Sadly, now our people fight to keep a lie in place that is helping to destroy them. One such protective mechanism was to get African American leaders to see themselves as black and to spread the lie throughout our communities. African Americans drank all the Kool Aid and enhanced the lie by labeling black power, black history month, black pride, the black arts festival, black lives matter, black panthers, black is beautiful and many other terms – all of which ignored who labeled us and the fact that our color is brown, not black.

Behavioral modification  in short is when they get you to do what they want because you see what they tell you to see and believe what they tell you to believe, regardless of the facts.

They repeated the lie, defined us by color and selected the very color that was filled with a ton of negatives in the mind of Americans even today. Another protect mechanism for thee deception caused many of our people to rationalize and justify the use of a color we have never been by making abstract but irrelevant connections to the “black lands” of Kemet and the etymology of “Negroid“. But the slaves were not brought to America from Kemet (Egypt) and the color label of the land did not and does not change the color of our skin from brown to black. The rationalizations of African Americans to accept and promote the lie about our color became a very effective protective mechanism for the deception to stay in place with the help of our own people.

Black Lives Matter must come to realize you cannot make this country believe black lives matter when the very definition of “black” says they do not. African American lives matter!

The very label of “African American” implied identity and a connection to a people, culture and stature that Caucasian slave owners, invaders and racist oppressors wanted forgotten. Therefore if African Americans could be tricked into seeing ourselves as “black“, we would also likely accept the negative definitions and eventually the negative perceptions and treatment that came along with it. We would also treat each other just as the definition said and that is exactly what happened. This was simple indoctrination and behavioral modification with the help of our own unsuspecting people – and most African Americans bought into every bit of it.

Brainwashing, indoctrination and mind control have gone high tech with covert and overt methods as well as the inclusion of embedded protective mechanisms to keep the deceptions in place.

So why are African Americans considered expendable in American society? It is actually “blacks” who are considered expendable and perceived as of lower economic, intellectual and moral status than African Americans. This has been quietly proven in studies around this country. There are several reasons for “blacks” being considered expendable and far too many of us identify as black. Thus we unknowingly identify ourselves as expendable.

Let’s look at the definitions of “black” that shape perceptions in America. Webster’s dictionary, the Oxford dictionary, Merriam Webster’s dictionary(since 1828) and others all lay out how America sees “black” and thus those who are called “black“. The definitions include diabolical, devoid of moral light (thus lacking consciousness, goodness or morality), treacherous, wicked, hostile, gloomy, discontent, the opposite of white, connected with the devil, death, hatred, awful, terrible, cruel, horrible, suspicious, misery, depressed, calamitous, menace, sad, angry, threatening, disastrous and wretched. If you are not these things, stop calling yourself “black”. And though the dictionary has other definitions such as “those who regard themselves as of African descent”, clearly the negative definitions overshadow the genealogical  or geographic references. You need to know when a police officer pulls over a “black” person, there is a subconscious connection and perception shaped by the definition of “black” and that impacts how you are treated.

Don’t get offended at the strange sounding truth, the facts and the evidence just because you have been told a lie for so long.

From the dictionary to the game of pool to the game of chess to awards shows to savior-type movie characters on the big screen (Tarzan, Thor, Captain America) to grandma’s picture of Christ on the wall, the ideology of white against black, white against the world and white supremacy has been embedded in our society and the minds of our people. All the while “black“, on the contrary, is being used to signify darkness, passive entertainment, ignorance and every way possible for them to maintain the stereotype while laughing at us, not with us (Empire, Madea, Martin, emasculation, hip hop and so on).

Then, unknowingly, what do African Americans do? Help fulfill, maintain and promote the stereotype of ignorance under the guise of self-expression, the very same ignorance they want to prove as our 3/5 of a man nature. Black on black crime, the objectification and degradation of our women in rap and hip hop, our abortion rates, our broken homes and relationships, the emasculation of our men  and our focus on entertainment over and above intellectual stimulation are all evidence of perceiving  ourselves as “black” and acting out that very definition.

The American definitions of “white” include the following: an incoming light, fresh snow, the opposite of black or dark, marked by upright and fairness, free from spot or blemish, free from moral impurity, not intended to cause harm, notably ardent (passionate), pure sound, free from guilt or pollution, innocent, pure, fortunate, happy, favorable, regarded with especial favor.

If you were in contact with anyTHING that met the definitions I just quoted, how much value would you assign to it? None. That is exactly what has happened in America towards African Americans who are seen as “black” and not even really as fully human people even today. You are treated the way you are perceived and knowing that is all the proof you need to accept what I have explained here today.

If any oppressor in authority gets a people to destroy themselves and fight to keep the chains of deception in place, the oppressor has to simply sit back and wait for those people to entangle themselves. Then the oppressor closes up the web.

Our professors are either ignorant of these facts or refuse to expose the strategies and the culprits. Our churches are quiet, ambivalent, self-seeking and too busy fleecing the flock to stop and feed and prepare the sheep to fight against the wolf. Our psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists are too busy getting paid to stop and expose anything. And our activists are too busy making a name for themselves and furthering agendas to disarm our people while Caucasian citizens buy every gun they can get their hands on. Meanwhile a subtle but deadly depression has crept into the African American community, feeding denial and creating sleepwalkers on the way to becoming zombies. And at the very time our people need to be at their highest level of awareness, what are they doing? Filling their brains and bodies with addictive marijuana that clouds the mind in order to subconsciously suppress the pain and despair. Meanwhile the real problems have not gone anywhere.

So what then is the solution? It is complex but not complicated. Yet it requires you to open your eyes and shake off the comfortable cloak of denial. The solution begins with acknowledging and following the facts and the truth. You are not black so stop saying you are. Stop connecting yourself with negatives embedded in this society. Don’t try to take “black” back because you never owned the term in America in the first place. The next part of the solution is to spread the word and wake people up.

My motive is to free your mind, not to recruit you for any other group.

The next part is to redefine yourself based on who and what you really are, not what some other group labeled you based on their agenda. Therefore identity is the key, real identity. You see, when you do not know who you are, you are likely to act and react based on who someone else said you are. And that mistake plays right into the hands of those who want to keep you asleep, keep oppressing you and keep you destroying your brother. Stop helping them label you, stereotype, profile then annihilate you – in that order. It’s past time to wake up and this is your alarm clock going off.  SPREAD THE WORD.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

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