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The Cover Up & Death of Rising African-American Leader Kevin Samuels by a Feminist CIA Operative.

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( You heard it right. Was our Kevin Samuels set up and murder by a member of the # me to movement and a feminist under the handling of the DNC and the white supremacy government of the United States in order to stop and deter Kevin Samuels from becoming a leader in the black community with influence and power to change the mind set of our black women and black men negative behavior towards each other and bring back to our African American community the old ways and tradition of family values, marriage, respect, honesty, integrity; but more so bring back the father figure and male role models in the black homes.

Yes, Kevin Samuels had a very harsh way of getting his point across to our single, unwed, unmarried, black women with several children from several men and He also was very direct in letting black women know that they are loosing and every other women of other races and cultures were winning. Our African American women for a long time and with the help of racist white America and the two face democrats have been heading through a path of destruction of themselves, their bastard children and their community by refusing to have a men next to them in their house but more so for assuming and believing that been and independent women with a college degree, a career and or business could lead them to acquired a high value men who was single with no children.

Ortencia Alcantara-Kevin Samuels

Far from the truth but black women believe that they are the ones leading the community but in reality No women can lead any community because it is the men and the patriarch community that creates, protect and raise the village; Therefore, Mr. Samuels became the person to let the lovely ladies of black America know the truth using his social media platform with straight, direct and offensive words that hit a nerve with the Friesian horse hair wearing weaves African American women community. Indeed, The black community is in dire disrepair, confusion, madness, violence, jealousy, destruction, confusion etc.. for the simple reason that Black America has allow black women to lead and prevent the black men form leading and protecting the community.

During the existence of human beings in the world, a society rule by women have always collapsed to the ground and disappear from the face of the earth and that is a path that black America is heading towards with the only difference been that there will be no reservations available to put the African Americans since Native American Indians occupied all of the ones that were given to them by Racist White America. So where is America the Great going to relocate the black communities? No where! because by the year 2035 about 65% of black men will be incarcerated, 20 % will be dead, 10% will be gay or LGBT and the remaining 5% of Black men will be married to other women of other Races and their children will be bi-racial and the black male race will seized to exist. Why do I say this things? Well, it is the same things that Kevin Samuels was trying to bring to the attention of black America but more so to the arrogant and independent know it all African American women.

Look around you black America! and you will notice the collapsed of our communities been expedited by the African American women way of thinking and rationalizing their behavior toward black men but more so towards the way they are having bastard children and then expecting to find a good man to accept them with their bastard kids; whose, saggy pants father were either gang bangers, thugs, parole’s, unemployed, felons and literally pieces of shit. My Fellow African Americans, we are loosing big time and the rest of America is winning and taking over control of everything around you and they are not leaving anything left for you, for black women, for their bastard children and for anything that has the black DNA. As I mention earlier, 65% of black men will be in jail because they are been raise by single mothers and no father figure or role model to teach them how to be a man and work hard for what they want but more so because with the increase in migrants from Asia, Central America, Middle east and now with millions of Refugees from Europe due to the war conflict and the Refugee from Afghanistan who are going to take all the jobs, unskilled and skilled away from the black community and with the increase in immigration to America their is an increase in black incarcerations due to all the jobs been given to other races and not to the black men that was raised by an unstable emotional single, unwed, unmarried black women.

Secondly, 20% of the black male population and even more will be dead by 2035 because it is black men killing black men over nothing and all these black men killing other black men were born to a single, unmarried, unwed, ,loose, easy black women. Additionally, these black men are been killed by race soldiers aka police officers who themselves live in fear of these black males that were born to single emotionally unstable black women. 10% of black men will be gay because they themselves were born to single mothers with no father and He as a child was molested by the uncle and or boyfriends of his single unwed, loosie Gussie, footloose, unmarried black mother. The remaining 5% of black men are going to married other women of other races and cultures because they do not want a woman like their single unwed, easy, loosie black mother that was going around been loud, cursing profanities, twerking, having sex with thugs and criminals and not having respect for a men or their children. Yes, the remaining black men are marrying other women of other ethnicities to avoid dealing with the madness of African American women, Now, this is where Kevin Samuels came in to save black America from its own destruction but was stop before He could complete his mission.

As of May 2022, 84% of African American women in America are single, unmarried, unwed, easy, footloose, with 3 to 15 bastard children from 3 to 15 black males wearing saggy pants, on parole, probation, tattoos on their face, criminal records, no jobs, reading at a 4th grade level, weed smokers and who themselves were born to other single, unmarried, unwed, loose, easy black women. It is true and in the word of Kevin Samuels ” African American women are dying old alone, or with a dog on their laps” and in my words “African American women are dying with a black or red dictionary also known as a bible on top a coffee table and/or munching on a butch”

Kevin Samuels was an inspiration to the black manosphere and a teacher to those who wanted to listen and learn and a threat to white America and to the black manly feminist women of America. The Feminist and # me too movement black women had a problem with the deliverance of Kevin Samuels regarding single black independent, college educated and career oriented single, unmarried unwed with bastard children attempting to score a high value single black men or any high value men. Kevin Samuel was eloquent in letting our air head single black women know that they cannot have a value men without possessing the qualities of a good women but more so they could never find or make a high value men married them because they had bastard children with different bastard males. Certainly, no high value men is going to married a women that has bastard children with bastard men; but, there is always an exception to every rule but in general no one is going to married a woman or date any woman that has a child with a sketchy man. This is what Kevin Samuels was trying to explain to black women in America.

No one has a problem with a women having a child but who wants to date a woman that has a child with a gang member, drug dealer, felon, criminal , looser, unemployed men. What kind of men will accept a woman that chose to open her legs to a man of no class and no financial means and on top of that accept a woman that got herself pregnant by a low quality saggy pants men. Sadly, The African American women in America are pretty much the only group of females that go around having sex with any men from the streets, with no jobs, no moral, no integrity, wearing saggy pants, stink of weed, tattoos on their face, neck, hand, poor critical thinking and lack of common sense. More so, our black women are the only ones who bragged about having 60 to 150 bodies under their belt and yet these black females are in their 20’s and 30’s. It amazes me to find out that black women in their 20’s have already had sex with over 75 men and by the time they reach 40 years old they have slept with over 300 men who did not find them good enough to married but just good enough to be used as a semen dumpster.

No other women in America or in the world does the things that black women and dirty black saggy pants males do. if you asked an Asian, Hispanic women in their late 20;s how many men they have slept with? their answer will be 2 to 3 men only if she is single and if they are married they will tell you their husband was the only one. If you asked a Native American woman or middle eastern woman in their 30’s how many men they have had sex or make love? their r answer will be 1 or 2 men only. Why can black women follow the same example of respect of their bodies by only giving themselves to 1 and no more than 3 men before they get married. African women are too sexual and over sexualize and Kevin Samuels was attempting with his advise on relationship and image consultant to change the mindset of black women in order for them to becoming more respectable and acquired lady like behavior so they could find a good men that matches them at their level and not above them.

Kevin Samuels express to African American women that they were loosing and that other females of other races were winning and taking over all the high value men and the average hard working black men because they were doing everything right which included been respectful, submissive, nurturing, soft spoken, cooperative, supportive, obedient, loving, caring and willing to sacrifice everything for their men. So Why is it that African American do not posses this qualities and are not willing to accept the role that other women in the world are accepting? The answer is simple! the Majority of African American women were raise by single black mother who did not have those qualities and who did not teach their daughter on how to be a perfect girlfriend so they could become a perfect wife and mother. Yes, African American women in America are the least desirable for marriage because they refuse to accept their role as woman and let the black man lead. Black woman have no real understanding of how to be a submissive woman; Therefore, then how can she be a wife or partner for life.

Kevin Samuel did is best to make black women understand that they are loosing and only a few understood and were willing to learn and those that did eventually found a husband but the majority of our lovely sisters still continue to have the mind set of been manly, independent, loud, promiscuous, belligerent, emotional unstable, having sex with 5 to 10 black males with saggy pants per month or every 28 days of their cycle period. Anyways, I think I have gone off the topic and I must go back to the main reason at hand which is the cover up and Assassination of our beloved Kevin Samuels at the hands of a feminist democratic CIA operative.

What Happened to Kevin Samuels and who was that woman that killed our Kevin? The woman in question is 32 year old Nurse Ortencia Alcantara an unknown woman who claims that Kevin Samuels fell on top of her while she was performing CPR standing up. Really! since when do you perform CPR standing up or did I heard or read wrong about her 911 call which sounded fake and not credible in her interest of saving the life of Kevin Samuels. Who is that woman and was she the woman on his last video where he appears to be annoy and disturbed by her presence while he was live on Instagram? Did she killed him by putting a drug in his red bull drink or by injecting him with an unknown substance in his abdominal area know to cause rapid palpitations and elevated blood pressure while he was asleep. Did she envy him or did she resent him for his success and for telling the truth to the single, unmarried, unwed black women of America.

What was the possibility of Kevin Samuels becoming a relevant leader in black America similar to that of Martin Luther King, Malcom X, W. Dubois etc.,, for the simple fact that He was trying to bring awareness to the black community about our current situation of broken home and no father figure in the homes but more so he was trying to bring back the old ways of the 1900’s to 1960’s were over 80% of black homes had a mother and a father figure while the remaining 20% of black America were single with no kids. Could it be possible that the Democrats and white America saw him as a threat to the their agenda of the continue destruction of the black homes and school to prison pipe line. Therefore, they hire Ortencia Alcantara and gave her the same type of poison they have use to killed political figures and presidents in other countries, so she could use it on Kevin Samuels and make it look as a heart attack. I never Knew of Kevin having any medical condition and he appear very healthy and strong, so how can he be dead of a heart attack in a room with an allege killer.

With that said Black America! Do not let anyone destroyed the name of Kevin Samuel because He meant well for our community and He was trying his best to make our ignorant African American women understand that they are loosing badly and heading through the road of loneliness with no one to be on their side for life because of their behavior, mentality, emotional instability and the way the system manipulates them into turning against their black hard working men. This is becoming tiresome trying to educate and wake black America to realize that we are in severe trouble and if we do not go back tot the basic of family, education, unity and support of each other then we as a people will become invisible and replace by other racial groups which in turn will make us obsolete in America and when something is no longer needed what do you think happen to that something? Yes, it is thrown away, discarded and put away for good.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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One Response to “The Cover Up & Death of Rising African-American Leader Kevin Samuels by a Feminist CIA Operative.”
  1. Shane says:

    Lots of hateful words in there buddy. I pray you heal. I don’t think you realize that although Kevin said some things that are true. He never meant it to be decisive. His main goal was to restore the order in black families and helped many women come to see how their thought processes are being manipulated by the masses, in other words encouraging the restoration of value. That’s how I perceived it.

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