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15 Online Educational Programs That Will Prepare You & Family for Moving Abroad.

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( So, you’ve decided that you eventually want to move to another country but you’re a bit apprehensive about how you’re going to cover all of your living expenses comfortably when you get there? Of course, unless you’re already significantly wealthy to the point of not needing to work, landing a job is always going to be a top concern whenever you relocate, especially when you’re moving so far away from home. Earning a certification or adding a credential to your resume is one way you can ensure that you’ll be greeted with high-paying job opportunities in your new country of residence. To prepare for such a smooth transition, you might want to look into the following 15 kinds of educational programs that can set you up for a better lifestyle when moving abroad:

1. Family Nurse Practitioner

Nurses are in high demand everywhere because about a third of the workforce is approaching retirement age. As more baby boomers leave their positions at hospitals and clinics, new nursing jobs are opening up at a rapid pace in every developed nation. While a simple RN certification can give you the ability to get hired anywhere, specialty educational courses such as BSN to FNP online programs can be used to advance your career and gain access to higher-paying positions worldwide.

2. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

As more countries continue to adopt English as a primary language, the world is facing a desperate need for English teachers. While this isn’t the most glamorous career option on this list, it’s one that will virtually guarantee you steady employment. In many countries, you can get a job teaching English without even having a degree, so going the extra mile to complete a TESOL degree program will position you as an ideal candidate for the vast majority of English teaching jobs you’ll encounter abroad.

3. Customer Service

Every country on earth needs customer service agents and representatives to provide service in both storefronts and call centers. By completing a customer service degree program, you also make yourself eligible for remote telecommuting jobs that you can perform online from anywhere using a headset and a mobile device. Thus, few specializations can compete with customer service credentials when it comes to locational freedom and the ability to move abroad on short notice without any career hiccups.

4. Software Development

How many software developers do you personally know? Now, think about how many apps there are and how many people rely on software for the continuity of their businesses and everyday conveniences. Obviously, the world needs more software developers and business owners everywhere are willing to pay for this skill set because nowadays every company wants to have their own app made. In many cases, your job doesn’t stop with making the app, as you can also be employed in an ongoing role as an IT system maintenance specialist. Regardless of which specialization you choose in this field, becoming a software developer or IT professional of any kind will equip you to enjoy a very low chance of unemployment in every country.

5. Business Administration

Did you know that the top 15 developed nations in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) have a total of more than 180 million active companies? Of course, every one of those businesses needs managerial employees and supervisors. So, completing a BBA or MBA degree program is one sure-fire way to make yourself an ideal candidate for higher-ranking job positions in any nation.

6. Communications

Having a credential that proves your ability to effectively communicate makes you a more appealing applicant all around in the realm of business. Thus, taking a course in communications or earning a bachelor’s degree in this field will certainly help during your job search whether you’re looking for opportunities domestically or abroad. Also, earning a communications degree from a school that’s based in the US or Europe will add a certain layer of inherent prestige to your resume in the eyes of hiring managers in foreign countries.

7. Bartending

While there aren’t any official degree programs for bartending, there are plenty of online courses that will teach you how to make all of the main drink mixes that you’ll need to know to get hired for most bartending positions. With roughly 15 million restaurants in the world and a significant percentage of them having bars, a skilled bartender can move just about anywhere and at least find part-time employment. Plus, many bartending jobs will have you working in exciting environments and festive areas that are considered tourism destinations.

8. Translation

If you’re already bilingual, you may want to look into online translation degree programs that will certify you as a translator. Lots of people can speak multiple languages, but not many take the time to earn a degree that proves their ability to translate from one language to another. As such, the world is in desperate need of translators, and this continues to be one of the most in-demand job positions. In particular, having the ability to translate a language into English is a specialization that you’ll find useful in any country.

9. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy might not seem like the most globally applicable career, but in fact people everywhere love a good massage, and virtually every luxury resort has a spa/massage parlor. Getting a massage is just something that tourists on vacation love to do, and when you think about how many tourists travel the world every year, it becomes clear that being a certified massage therapist can be very profitable.

10. Web Development and Graphic Design

The ability to build websites is a skill that can help you generate an income regardless of where you live. Plus, this is something that you can learn to do as a hobby initially, so you don’t necessarily need to go the degree route because there are plenty of free or low-cost online courses that will teach you decent development proficiency in a matter of weeks to months instead of years. Likewise, if you get good at creating logos, infographics, and other graphic design products, you could start up a lucrative freelance business that will pay your bills and have you living comfortable once you finally do move abroad.

11. Scuba Diving Instructor

If you’re planning on moving to a country where scuba diving is a common activity, you could take advantage of the fact that scuba diving instructors are always backed up with prospective clients. There’s more than enough business to go around in this industry. Plus, in many ways, it’s like getting paid to be on a permanent vacation because you’ll be scuba diving all the time.

12. Flight Attendant

With airlines operating out of every country and global air traffic steadily increasing, the demand for flight attendants and pilots is constantly on the rise. In fact, the industry shortage of professionals means that many jobs will have you working overtime and earning 1.5x the normal wage. If you don’t mind flying and can put up with the long hours and frequent travel, taking an educational course to become a flight attendant might be a perfect way to prepare for your move abroad.

13. Photographer

While becoming a photographer might seem like something that a hobbyist with plenty of free time would do, the world is actually in dire need of photojournalists – photographers who document key places and events for news organizations. Likewise, there’s plenty of demand in wedding photography, pet photography, and other photography niches.

14. Home Health Aide

Although this won’t be the most enjoyable career, it’s one that you can land in just about any country because there’s a shortage of people who are willing to do this job. Obviously, providing in-home care to a disabled individual will come with plenty of challenges, but it’s also a fulfilling way to avoid the risk of unemployment.

15. Fitness Trainer

If you’re in decent shape, you might want to consider the option of becoming a certified fitness trainer. These programs can be completed in a couple of weeks and will equip you with a credential that could help you build a lucrative career as a trainer in your new home country. Plus, this is a certification that you can use to get a job at a gym or start a personal training business by finding your own clients.

A Bit of Preparation Will Make Your Life Abroad Much More Enjoyable

Even if you’re already saving a fair amount of money at your current job, or you have a lucrative business that seems like it will finance your move, it’s still wise to have a travel-friendly backup career path on standby. That way, you won’t be in the position of having to dwindle your savings continually without any significant income coming in. Fortunately, if you make the wise decision to complete any of the educational program types recommended above, you should be able to find work in many foreign countries without trying too hard.

Staff Writer; Steve Moore

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