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Final Fantasy 15 PC Tips & Tricks for Beginners in 2022.

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( The much awaited Final Fantasy 15 PC version is finally here and before you begin your journey in this action RPG, check out these FFXV tips and tricks. There’s a great world to explore and there are many interesting side missions and quests available in the Final Fantasy XV. Use these tips and tricks for a great start.

Don’t skip the tutorial

It is obvious that you just want to click on the new game and start your journey without taking time to check anything else. But one thing you should not skip is the tutorial in Final Fantasy XV. Just like many other games, these tutorials are also not very exciting but it is better to learn about the new mechanics. It is worth spending time on tutorials rather than struggling to learn things during combats.

Talk to strangers

A great piece of advice for Final Fantasy 15 PC players is that they should talk to everyone they meet. Talk to the restaurant owners and other NPCs and listen to their conversations. It is extremely helpful in the game because these characters reveal so much details about your surroundings and they guide you about nearby landmarks, monster hunts, places of interest, treasure locations and spots which can be unlocked on the map only after you speak to certain people.

Stay in hotels

You won’t enjoy the game if you’re rushing. If you want to explore the world and uncover each and every beat of the story, slow down and spend some time in hotels. Staying in a hotel will not only give you enough time and energy to prepare for the upcoming combats, it will also keep you safe from the dangers. It’s not safe to go out after the sun goes down. In the night, new monsters take control of the world and they are even stronger than the enemies you see during the daytime.

Experiment with your magical powers

In Final Fantasy XV, you get access to three magic types including fire, lightning, and ice. On your way, you also get different magic elements and by mixing them, you can make various combinations and experiment with your magical powers. Mixing different elements in the game allows you to create different spells. Thunder, Fire, and Blizzara are the abilities you can achieve by mixing different elements and having these powers gives you several advantages.

Keep visiting shops

It’s always worth visiting a shop in FFXV even when you are not in need of supplies. Shops in the game sell different key items which you can use anytime. Apart from food items and components for your weapons, you can also buy music CDs from these shops. You can listen to the music while driving.

You can skip side quests and come back later

In the open-world game, you might want to complete all the side quests before you progress. But this is not the case in Final Fantasy 15. You can come back at any time and complete those tasks later. In the game, there are some side quests that can only be completed if you make a certain amount of progress in the game. So don’t panic because all the side quests will be there even if your target is to complete the main story first.

There’s a Wait mode

Imagine you are fighting with enemies and suddenly asking them to wait for some time so that you can make changes in your strategy. If you are using Ignis’ Analyze ability, it is possible and the Wait mode can help save your life. When the Wait mode is active, you can also check your enemy’s stats like health and weaknesses. It not only gives you enough time to plan your next move but also makes the battle more tactical.

Reach the level 3 ASAP

Just keep completing the tasks and reach the level 3. Make sure getting familiar with the game’s mechanics and controls and once after you reach the level 3, get a Chocobo. The chicken-horses can run faster than anything and Chocobo is a great way to commute especially in the wilderness. These creatures are cheap to hire and you can take one on rent for multiple days.

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