How to Reduce Cost in Employee Relocation Policy?

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( Impactful management of a company relocation policy requires an all-inclusive method. To determine the program cost, you must consider your company’s culture and talent management intentions and take quotes from the movers. Professional companies already have relocation services related ties with one of the best interstate moving companies in the region. However, you can always look for the one when need arises. Getting the quotes and comparing them will provide you with a perfect sense of possible cost control. The costing plan will likely combine more minor adjustments, refinements, and more significant policy shifts.

Since the deadly pandemic hit the world so severely, businesses have started facing enormous difficulties. The trades have declined a lot, and sustaining has become difficult. In such adverse situations, a successful initiative will eventually help you to reduce extra costs. It would be better to align relocation benefits with the demands and expectations of your employees. This is a more refined way to simultaneously support the talent and trade objectives. Let’s discuss some of the significant cost savings methods for business relocation.

Make Use of the Discard and Donate Process

Using the discard and donate process is one of the best options to choose for significant cost savings in the employee relocation process. This will benefit your employees as well as many charitable groups. You can reduce at least 5 to 10% of your moving cost by working proactively with relocating employees in discarding, selling, and donating items before and during the move.

Approach COLA

If you’re planning for an international move, this isn’t obvious to use COLA (cost of living allowances) all the time. Different job responsibilities, assignments, importance, and locations would matter for availing of different allowances. COLA has been famous for US domestic relocations.

Offering COLA payments to employee relocation has some specific process. It has to be calculated using spendable tables, which are not based on net salary.

Reuse Boxes

Reusing the old moving boxes is a good idea. If you are a first-time mover, ask the known people who have recently moved. There is no need to buy new ones if some of your known people can give away the used boxes of moving he no longer needs. You can return the boxes once you are done with your moving. You can borrow the same from a known person. It will cost less than buying new ones. Office relocation requires more preparation. So you can arrange the extra things with the saved money.


Time of Moving Is a Factor

In any employee relocation, timing is a factor. Look for the perfect timing when the moving companies offer discounts. Keep an eye on their seasonal or festival offers. Off-season’s cost and peak season’s cost are not the same. Choosing the off-season for employee relocation may reduce your costs for sure.

Calculate Per Diems

Evaluate with the per diem method and make sure they are as per current condition & host locations. The employees with short-term assignments who are living in apartments don’t require a hefty per dime compared to other business travellers.


You need not provide generous assignment benefits & allowances for part-time or short-term employees. Consider localizing employees from the host country who have been associated with your company for many years now. This move will surely provide you with considerable cost savings.

Be Compliant

Due to the pandemic, many people are working from home these days. So, compliance has become one of the most significant issues for many companies. It is now more essential to keep track of your existing employees. You have to be substantially cautious about where the employees are working from. The US state governments started tracking each and every detail of your employees and implementing taxes accordingly. So, if you’re not up to date with the accurate data of your employees, you may face the consequences.

Check Tax Breaks

Check if your policies are taking the best tax benefits that genuinely reduce the relocation costs for your company & workers. Taxation systems vary in different countries. Professional guidance might help you to structure out your program.

Utilize Technology

In today’s digital age, tracking your truck’s movement is effortless. You can get the data and inclinations for particular transferees. More extraordinary reporting abilities can allow you to isolate costing. The pandemic has fast-forwarded other technical adaptations. It is easier to keep track of where your employees live, how much time a truck will take to complete the move, and so on.

Share the Responsibilities

Lastly, apply some methods of your own. When an entire setup moves somewhere else, some people closely associated with the organization also move. To reduce your moving cost, you can send some materials such as laptops, water carriers, and routers. Just make sure they place those items in the right place and handle them with care. Yu must identify the right person to make the in charge of the process as when the right skill is utilized for relocation management, the results are beyond expectations. It is important that you plan and execute responsibilities and try to utilize your internal resources as much as possible. With the right approach, you can crack the code of an affordable relocation and ensure success for your organization as well as a satisfactory employee experience.

Final Thought

The cost you save with these methods will be of a great aid in many other business activities. You must understand that the cost associated with employee relocation can be different depending upon a range of factors. However, your constant efforts should be directed towards controlling and managing it to the best extent. You must use employee relocation packages that are in line with your budget planning and offer you significant savings.

So, above are some of the applicable methods for cheaper moving. We hope you find the article informative. If so, apply them in real. Share the same with your fellows who are planning to move. We wish you a happy and safe move!

Staff Writer; Jason Ford