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Book Review; “My Strong Tower”: There is Power in a Name.

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( Relationship on any level is formed by one’s ability to get to know the being they are looking to grow with. In many instances one of the first things we know about a person is their name. This gives us a reference for them, and we consider ourselves more familiar with them when we know their full name. The laws of relationship apply both to physical relationships, and spiritual ones. Christians know the name of Jesus, what the name embodies, the power in it, and the grace & mercy that was born out of it. Part of understanding Christianity, and one’s walk within it, is to have a grasp of the Name of Jesus. “My Strong Tower”, by Lady Bridget E Hilliard, directs our attention to the various names of God the Father.

“You can trust and have confidence in God to move in your situation when you see how He has moved for others in similar situations. You should want to know God and his character typify. You should want to know what He has done for other in similar situations so that you can have confidence that He will make the same commitment to do the same for you.”

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With care and precision, Lady Bridget introduces the reader to various names of God, and she is able to link understanding His names to getting an understanding of His character. This is s study that can lead a Believer to better understand the God they serve, and what their expectation can be of his ability to show up on their behalf. This can be very liberating, and a source, of hope in times that are filled with adversity, and uncertainty.

“I use the names of God in my life during my time of prayer and praise. I praise God for his character. When I give thanksgiving to God, I thank God for what He has done. But when I praise His name, I praise Him for what He is capable of doing for me.”

This book can serve as an introduction to better the carious ways God would want to impact the life of those that believe in him. It can also be an asset to one’s prayer time as you are better able to target the needs one is addressing with specific abilities of God by name. Lady Bridget gives the reader several scriptures throughout the text whereby they can study independent of the book, or along with it so that they can reference the points she makes throughout the book.

“As we look at the different names of God, we will be able to see that when we go through different situations or difficult circumstances, we can call on the specific name of God and be assured he that He will show up. Remember, we said the name of the Lord is a strong tower and because we are righteous, we can run into that name and find safety.”

This is a really good read for bible study, and group meeting around the Word of God. The topic addresses one of the initial points, or beginnings, of a relationship…a name. It can help a believer stand stronger in their faith and assurances in God.

“My Strong Tower” can be found at your local bookstore, Amazon, and anywhere books are sold.

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