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Big Tech Couldn’t Shut Down Kyle Rittenhouse and the Truth.

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( The Rittenhouse trial is over, and despite the belligerent efforts of the national mob, a young man was rightfully spared. The loudest among the mob may have been the prosecutor, corporate media, and the president of the United States, but the most insidious was Big Tech.

The men and women who run Silicon Valley could not have been clearer on where they stood. They were relentless in their campaign to derail Rittenhouse’s trial, undermine his constitutional rights, and permanently defame his character.

The shift in Big Tech’s “values” is as marked as it is troubling. In a few short years, a handful of innovative American companies that loved this country and valued their customers has morphed into a corporate oligarchy that loathes the notion of American sovereignty, colludes with foreign powers, despises at least half of the citizenry—and actively works to destroy teenage boys.

Among the culprits was, a website that made its name by allowing ordinary people to raise money to help friends, family, and even people they’ve never met. Its mission was noble and emblematic of the great American tradition of philanthropy and voluntary association, but the website drew the line when it came to Rittenhouse, banning people from raising money for his defense.

Got that? It wasn’t Rittenhouse’s gun collection or his ammunition supply that was banned. Rather, it was his Sixth Amendment right to defend himself against state prosecution in a court of law.

The company claims it bans raising money for anyone accused of a violent crime, but that’s just one of the many lies Big Tech so comfortably tells us. has no problem, for example, hosting fundraisers for Black Lives Matter activists charged with felony rioting, assaulting police officers, and even “bank robbery during [a] George Floyd riot.”

You see, to paraphrase George Orwell’s Animal Farm, all are equal, but some are more equal than others.

While banned raising money for Rittenhouse’s defense in a court of law, Facebook and Twitter banned his defense in the court of public opinion.

Facebook censored posts on Rittenhouse’s self-defense by claiming he was guilty of “mass murder”—a delusional take that the jury rejected completely. Twitter banned media from tweeting that “Rittenhouse did nothing wrong” (once again, precisely what the jury found), while blue-check-marked liberals defamed him without consequence.

 These moves by Big Tech aren’t random—they’re deliberate. The court, not of law, but of public opinion is precisely where Big Tech and the rest of the American elite wanted Rittenhouse’s trial to be held. As far as they were concerned, his rights as an American were just details in the way—his guilt had already been determined.

Make no mistake, these actions by Big Tech aren’t just about Rittenhouse, they’re about power, acquired inch by inch to ultimately crush resistance.

While an overreaching government has historically been the enemy of citizens’ rights, here, private corporate interests suppressed speech, undermined trial by jury, and attacked the sacred right to self-defense. With a less principled judge or a less courageous jury, they might have succeeded. Anyone who thinks they’ll give up after this defeat is wrong.

Freedom-loving Americans can’t be agnostic about the values of the companies we use. Big Tech is no longer an American industry—it is a global behemoth that has positioned itself as an enemy of our country, its history, its religion, its culture, and its laws. The only way to fix this is to break Big Tech, first and foremost by diverting as much of our hard-earned money away from it as possible.

Americans are a strong people, and they don’t like being told what to think, or whom to condemn. We’re also a free people, and a free people shouldn’t tolerate Big Tech.

Written by Chris Bedford

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One Response to “Big Tech Couldn’t Shut Down Kyle Rittenhouse and the Truth.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Big Tech did a wonderful job of aiding the prosecution, and the defense of Rittenhouse.I think that Big Tech did more to aid the prosecution than the defense by helping to collect and share high tech evidence. Rittenhouse is a free man today because of white supremacy,white privileged,existential, nihilistic,autocratic minded citizens of Wisconsin who are willing to tortuously twist the law to justify a white man’s killing of his fellow citizens.

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