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What Does The Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal Mean For Black Activists?

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( I am sure that not a single African-American with at least a cursory understanding of the history of American race relations was surprised by the recent acquittal of white teenaged killer Kyle Rittenhouse. This latest reiteration of America’s Native Son proved that he could kill two civilians during a moment of civil unrest in front of hundreds, a number that included several law enforcement officers, and still go home at the end of the day.

The entire theatrical production mentioned above is a familiar one that never ceases. Black America did not have a significant role in this production, yet, it still impacts them. The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse is a message to millions of white vigilantes to silence opponents by any means necessary. The message is clear and reduces to a Richard Nixonesque “law and order” slogan.

We must remember that Richard Nixon’s Presidential victory in 1968 capitalized on the fears of a middle-America that believed the nation had gone off the rails. Nixon’s campaign quelled the fears of frightened White moderates and conservatives on his way to the Oval Office. Nixon’s victory was an emphatic statement by the majority of White America regarding who this country belongs to and the lengths they must go to maintain control. The recent acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse reeks of a similar message.

 Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal

In a world that reminds the politically astute of the turbulent 1960s, many whites question when the protests cease?  The lens through which white heterosexual Christian men and women view Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, the LGBTQ+, and a host of other Communist-inspired initiatives mandates they do not yield an inch in America’s raging culture wars. From their perspective, this angry horde is seeking to steal the birthright of their children. After all, this is a nation founded by white men and should serve the interests of white people. The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse is the most recent example of the lengths that many of my white countrymen are willing to go to maintain control.

Please make no mistake about it; the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse will further embolden his white vigilante brethren who have appointed themselves defenders of a self-constructed, opportunistic, yet warped version of America. What makes the Kyle Rittenhouses of the world particularly dangerous is their belief that they, and only they, know what is best for the nation.

At its core, Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal simultaneously reminds white bigots of a past that has yet to die and a new wave of self-appointed vigilantes of what it means to be a real man, a true white man, in America.

In the end, there is little room to argue against the assertion that one of the primary duties of being a white man in America is defending the Republic against all rivals via the most violent means available. By that measuring stick, Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero operating out of an extended tradition of white vigilantes who took a principled stance to make America great again. A jury composed of a cross-section of our community agreed with his actions. For that reason, all protestors and activists must adopt the poetic words of rapper Ice Cube and understand that they must arm themselves against white vigilantism because it is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

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