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Rapper Nicki Minaj: the 2021 Paul Revere.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Janet Jackson had a smash hit in 1986 with the help of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis called Control. I had just started graduate school, not even contemplating I would eventually become an infectious disease scientist. At the time, my focus was a dual track master’s degree in statistics and educational psychology. There is a stanza in the song where she sings: “Got my own mind, I want to make my own decisions. When it has to do with my life, my life, I wanna be the one in control.” This is the message I have taken from Nicki Minaj with respect to her judgement making process pertaining to deciding to take any of the Covid-19 cell therapies. But it has proven that deciding what one puts in their body or simply asking rational and reasonable questions regarding such a decision is taboo.

All she said was “do your own research” and “pray on it.” Immediately the leftist mob translated this as being “misinformation.” The attacks were particularly the most vociferous from other black folk in white face including but not limited to Don Lemon and Joy Reid. Reid was so against the vaccine when Trump was in office, going as far as saying “how can we trust the CDC and FDA?” Fact is that the hip-hop artist did not spread any misinformation at all. They lied about her like they lie about everything else. Even Dr. flip flop himself, Anthony Stephen Fauci had some smart shi# to say, as well as members of the Biden administration. What Nicki Minaj did was provide an anecdote, or interesting story about a real incident or person. It would be no different than I saying that in my daughter class, hornets stung everyone in the room and one person had a seizure as a result, doesn’t imply it is the same outcome for all, but that it was real and happened. This is a prime example of what former President Trump said: “They aren’t after me, they are after YOU. I’m just in the way.”


The fact remains that the vaccine was rushed. The clinical trial process is lengthy. In my profession with respect to vaccine development, clinical trials usually take six to seven years on average to complete. Prior the development of a potential medical treatment or vaccine gets to the clinical trial stage, there is a discovery phase which alone can take from three to six years.

The Biden administration desires to mandate these insufficiently evaluated so-called mRNA vaccines for the entire population for some reason unbeknownst to me. However, it is not being required for all. If the legislative and judicial branches are exempt from the vaccination, then everyone should be exempt. If they do not have to be vaccinated, why should anyone? In contrast, their message to Nicki Minaj is simply “get back in line – don’t you know black people aren’t allowed to think for themselves?”

Everyone is attacking her because this sister has common sense. I’m not even a follower of her or her music but she’s right – folk should only get the vaccine when they are ready and assured in their decision. This should be the logical and rational decision-making path for anyone.  Not because of pressure from the others, especially the media. Joy Reid, as Don Lemon, are just your standard run of the mill empty-head mouthpiece that repeat what they are told to say. Not to mention, they attack anyone and everyone who has different ideas and views than they have. This is Socialism make no mistake because the goal is to control every aspect of people lives.

But innuendo aside, let us get into the science. Unlike many who speak on following the science, I do and have my entire career as a Behavioral Epidemiologist and infectious disease scientist. The first point of order is that there are NO studies that can accurately state what the long-term effects of any of the Covid-19 vaccines on the market, regardless if they are from the U.S., China or Russia. Like I mentioned earlier, clinical trials usually take six to seven years on average to complete.

To begin with, let us talk of what the science has shown us for years. One study published in the Journal of Controlled Release some years ago in 2012, noted that polyethylene glycol, an ingredient found in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (cell therapies), have been observed to position a “potential toxicity risk” to ovaries in women (men do not have ovaries).  These findings were based on trials run on rodents after intravenous administration. This is in strong consideration as to why we presently observe many menstrual anomalies and miscarriages being reported by women who have received the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Strangely, at one point in time in the sphere of social media such reports were considered or rather described as either “medical misinformation” or “Covid-19 misinformation.” Albeit this information has been an accepted standard by scientist for over ten years – that the lipid nanoparticles like the ones utilized in novel mRNA COVID vaccines amass in ovaries and are in theory noxious to women reproductive health.  Even a former vice president and top researcher at Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, who served as chief scientist and vice-president of Pfizer’s allergy and respiratory research division and once called a quack, now has mainstream support for his assertions that mRNA vaccines had the capacity to target the syncytin-1 protein needed for placenta formation in women.

Now his claim has been given validity by Victoria Male from the Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction, Imperial College London, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Campus, London, UK who has advocated that the link between menstrual changes after COVID-19 vaccination is credible and should be studied. This was published this month in the British Medical Journal. In addition, the CDC, NIH and FDA are investigating this issue after more than 140,000 reports have been made by women in the U.S. regarding adverse effects after receiving the vaccine related to their menstruation cycle. Current data points to the observation that the vaccine can produce thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) and vaccine-induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia (VIPIT) which may play a role in these issues.

Staying on the documented occurrence of blood clots and abnormal bleeding in some recipients of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, based on a retrospective descriptive analysis using reports submitted to the EudraVigilance database from 17 February to 12 March 2021, there were “54,571 adverse reaction reports, of which 28 were associated with thrombotic adverse reactions. Three fatalities were related to pulmonary embolism; one fatality to thrombosis.”

Truth is that the creators of the COVID-19 vaccines assumed the contents of the vaccine to remain in the muscular tissue where they were injected.  This assumption was incorrect and has been confirmed by a study conducted by a Japanese regulatory agency that proves that the vaccine contents enter the bloodstream and travel to the various organs.  Results revealed that lab animals injected with the vaccine mRNA spike protein into their “bloodstream developed cardiovascular problems, and the spike protein was also demonstrated to cross the blood brain barrier and cause damage to the brain.” What does this mean? That there is scientific confirmation that the Pfizer lipid nanoparticle carrier system allows for molecules to leave the site of injection, enter the circulatory system, and then collect in organs and tissues, including but not limited to the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands, and the ovaries.

Another concern regards the risk of worsening COVID-19 harshness via antibody-dependent enhancement, which can intensify the severity of multiple viral infections as just reported in the science journal Nature. This is a major concern given that secondary infections can result in increased viral replication and more severe disease, leading to major safety risks including cytokine cascades (storms) and cell-mediated immunopathology. Maybe this is why in the U.K., a recent study based on Public Health data revealed that 80% of Covid-19 deaths in August were people who had been vaccinated. Using basic math, this means that 2,000 more people who were vaccinated died than those unvaccinated. Or even possibly why in two high schools in Oak Park, Illinois, fully vaccinated persons account for 82% of Illinois public high school’s COVID cases. Or why a one-and-a-half-month-old breast feeding infant suddenly became ill after his mother received a COVID-19 vaccine and died weeks later with blood clots in his inflamed and swollen arteries, according to a report filed with the U.S. government that records vaccine adverse events.

I could go into recent research that has concluded that the vaccine provides an excess risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis especially in male adolescents and young adults (see New England Journal of Medicine). CDC says the same. Nothing mentioned above is not readily available. Query is why don’t the present administration, news cats or Fauci tell you this, or that the survival rate for Covid-19 is above 99 percent? I know, they think you stupid and too lazy to do your own research.

I don’t wanna nerd you out if you are reading this, but I can go on. Since last March, I have read over 500 scientific articles on this disease and the vaccine. I just find it funny taking scientific information from news reporters and politicians. Today, to say one believes in science is not a scientific statement, it is more theological and is far removed from the focus on being skeptical during the research process. Rap artist Nicki Minaj slammed America’s cancel culture after she spoke out about her vaccine hesitancy and compared it to China’s restrictions on residents and visitors from criticizing the country’s leaders. This made many mad, so they stalked her, defamed her and stalked her family like runaway slaves and even threatened them. But she has a bigger point to make. In my eyes, she is the Paul Revere of 2021. Although not a silversmith, she as he did, is spreading the message that an attack on liberty is coming. She is a metaphor for that ride from Lexington and Concord. And like the British crown, the US political and media monarchy presently cannot stand for such subordination. They will continue to try to control us. Although we all know they do not have testicles swollen enough to match those of the hip hop queen they seek to destroy or the citizenry. They display more concern for this than stranded citizens in Afghanistan. Equally they attack and despise people like Nicki more than the Taliban. Like Janet sang, this is about control, not public health, let alone individual choice or free will. She has sound the alarm that the revolution has started. And I can confirm nothing I have presented is not supported by the scientific literature. Ban me if you want but as I always recant – miss me with that shi#.

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