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The Savior Complex is the Very Definition of White Progressive Wokeness.

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( If I can just make one thing clear, the artificial burden that white liberals place on themselves to be the savior for the Black community and other communities considered to be of minority in origin or at risk is the epitome of white supremacy and privilege. Folk, I can save myself. I do not need nor require your help or assistance. I’m good. When one engages in such ridiculousness, what they are suggesting is that they, as being WLLA (white liberal lord almighty), is that their answers reign supreme more so than the community they claim to be supportive of. Consequently, thinking (but not actually being) they rank above us as Black folk, your assertion is that you need to save us – and only you because we do not know any better, and only you have the answers.

I personally call this Gavin Newsom think: definition being I have never run a business, made a payroll, live around only rich white elites and my money makes me feel so bad that I must pretend to care about something I really don’t. He like the average white progressive woker (yea, I made up a word), have a preference to see my skin color over and before my desire, education and intellect. As such, my perspective when in your company is closed out by cats like you because my perspective is that of a Black person. This can manifest itself in another operational definition – oblivion, or the state of being unaware of what is going on. Why? Because such beliefs and actions indicate to me that you are being racist yet are too stupid to know that you are being racist. Being for real, the most racist thing you can cognitively educe is that you know what is best for Black folk more than they do themselves. This is 099, remedial white supremacy and white privilege 101.


On the real, no one wants a handout. It makes people feel indebted to others. This is regardless of race, if you carry that red, white and blue in your blood stream. It is as if the first Sunday scripture for the white progressive savior has a singular message – treat Black folk like children who need to be provided for and taken care of because they are dumb and stupid. Think I am making this up? Just look at the Baltimore public schools where 41 percent of public high-school students have a GPA less than 1.0 yet still manage to graduate. Or in Oregon, where the Democratic Governor, Kate Brown, signed Senate Bill 744 that has barred the proficiency requirement for reading, writing, and math for graduating high school seniors so “students of color” and “those who do not test well” would not be hindered. Strange since not being able to count, read or write is the greatest hinderance of all for anyone operating in civilized society.

How racist do you have to be to think you can be the rescuer of an entire race of people? Supposedly this is what has to be implemented in the name of anti-racism in accordance with the biblical book of Ibram Henry Rogers, my fault, I mean Ibram Xolani Kendi. True, I am a black man, but I am not a victim because I’m free to think for myself and equally, also able to make competent decisions and I don’t need a White progressive dude or dame to save me. The hilarity of it all is that they miss the irony of their purview because typically they have no black folk in their space or vicinity to check in with.

Only thing we need, and desire is effort. For with or through individual effort, personal responsibility and collective unity, we as any community, can confront, tackle and address any problem we may have to deal with.

This is the problem for me. No way in hell can any white person that claims to be a progressive can do anything for me, my family or community. Their position is feculent for they posit, especially liberals, that as a white person, they are better than the community they claim to be supportive of or care about and as a consequence have all of the solutions. Such a position abrogates any form of self-determination or value for it projects the typical racist locution that whites are above other races in ability, so they need to “save” us from ourselves. If dumb shit ever existed, this is it. This is the main reason I consider white liberal progressives to be merely a coterie of morons. Conservatives do not function like this. For them it is only merit and competence that counts.

In their urgent need or desire to see color or race above all else, these cats fail to recognize that although I’m Black and a man, above all I am an American: that I exist as a person of quality. But not them, for they obviate quality from any equation that discusses Black folk. Can you imagine black folk talking about how they need to help whites become better basketball players? Hell, the fck no.

So, to you want to tell black folk how to think, academic standards lowering white liberal progressives, step off. Sadly, you all don’t even understand how insulting it is being looked like a victim – a person incapable of making decisions on their own without your assistance. How can you claim to care about folk you do not live around and only understand through Hollywood or what you see on television? You can’t. You are so indoctrinated that you cannot begin to see the errors in your way.

Just check that I am an ally stuff because it has no value in any objective outcome other than making you feel good about your whiteness. Personally, IDGAF about your race or feeling good, doing and being good has more axiological, epistemological and esoteric value than all else from my vantage point.

Regardless of what people associated with this collective comportment believe, Black folk can be successful and succeed in America – more so than any other nation by far. If you think what you do is in the name of fighting systemic racism, you clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Yes, there is racism in America, but no more or less than anywhere else in the world. Problem is that the woke progressive savior cannot see this. But what limousine liberal can?

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    Once again. On point.