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Traumatic Brain Injury – When to See a Lawyer?

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( A traumatic brain injury can have long-term consequences, which could affect the victim and significant others. In such unfortunate times, the victim can file for a traumatic injury claim, and the importance of a lawyer during this time cannot be discounted. A lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injury cases can handle complex issues, ensuring the victim will receive fair and just compensation.

There are various causes leading to traumatic brain injury, and some of them are the following:

  • Slip and fall – if you sustained a traumatic brain injury from slip and fall, you could file a TBI claim if there’s negligence on the part of the establishment where the accident happened.
  • Motor vehicle accident – If another offensive party causes the motor vehicle accident, and the victim sustained a traumatic brain injury, the victim can pursue a TBI claim.
  • Other scenarios that could qualify for TBI claim include trucking accident, pedestrian accident, assault, motorcycle accident, sports-related traumatic brain injury, and accident in the workplace.

2021 Traumatic Brain Injury – When to See a Lawyer?

What can a lawyer do for you?

During such unfortunate times, know that you are not alone because a lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injury can help. Below are some of the services specialized lawyers can do for the victim:

  • A lawyer can help the victim in pursuing financial compensation for the sustained injuries and other related damages. Monetary compensation does not equate to the health and well-being of a person, but it can help with the medical cost and other related expenses, including mental and emotional stress and loss of income.
  • A specialized lawyer helps establish the damages in your case. A traumatic brain injury can have serious lifelong complications, but minute details are surrounding it. It is not a what size fits all thing. Every case is unique and can affect the person’s health, well-being, and life, in general, in many different ways. What the lawyer will do is thoroughly assess the areas of life affected by the injury. He/she will make sure that your medical bill will be fully covered and will demand additional compensation when deeming necessary.
  • A lawyer helps calculate the damages caused by the injury, such as but not limited to medical treatment (past and future), pain and suffering, loss of wages, loss of potential income, loss of consortium, and punitive damages.

In times of uncertainties, know that you can count on the professional services of a lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injury cases. Sustaining an injury, especially the ones involving the brain is not a joke. It could have a life-long impact to the victim’s life. The problem is that some victims don’t know their rights. They just wallow in their situation when, in fact, they can file for compensation claims. A traumatic brain injury lawyer can help the victim in all aspects of claims. What’s even great is these lawyers work in a contingency basis. They don’t ask for upfront payment. They will only collect fees after successfully helping the victim in their claims.

Staff Writer; Larry Moore

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