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Unfriend Me Now If You’re Part of The Black Consciousness Community.

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( I don’t need your Kemetic principles, your 42 Laws of Ma’at, your Hebrew Israelite doctrine, your Christianity, your Islam, your Black Supremacist ideologies, your Pan-Afrikan studies, or your Pro-Black teachings to be a conscious person. I was already conscious before I joined your Pro-Black platforms on YouTube and Facebook. I was already conscious before I was introduced to some of you black supremacists in my social networks. My consciousness does not involve having only knowledge of ancient black civilizations, and their religious and spiritual systems. My consciousness expand beyond religion and spirituality. Because I reject your Pan-Afrikan and Pro-Black ideologies does not make me anti-Black. I don’t need you to tell me I’m Black. I don’t need you to tell me I’m a Moor. I don’t need you to tell me I’m Kemetic. I’m don’t need you to tell me I’m Hebrew. I don’t need you to tell me I’m Christian. I don’t need you to tell me I’m Muslim. I don’t need you to tell me I’m conscious. I was already conscious long before I met many of you. I had to leave Christianity, so I can grow. But don’t assume because I’ve only been removed from Christianity several years that you must teach me about being conscious. Don’t assume because I don’t believe in worshiping and bowing down to your malevolent Hebrew, Islamic, and Kemetic deities that I’m not conscious. In fact, if you’re still calling God your Father, then you’re unconscious. Because a truly conscious person would not be worshiping or giving praise to the word GOD, as you should know the word “God” becomes the word “dog” when spelled backwards.

While you’re thinking you’re teaching me about being conscious, I’m teaching you that all your Pro-Black consciousness scholarship, your Pan-Afrikan ideologies, your Abrahamic belief systems, your Moorish religion, your Kemetic science, Kemetic yoga, Kemetic spirituality, and your 42 Negative Confessions, are keeping you unconscious, and trapped in a one-dimensional way of thinking, so that malevolent entities can keep you living in a bubble of your own illusions. Malevolent entities have created these ancient systems of worship and religious traditions to imprison your mind, so they can control and manipulate humanity. The new religion of the Black Man and Black Woman in America comprise Pro-Black consciousness teachings and Pan-Afrikan ideologies. The “SOUL” Brother and Sister have replaced the black church with the Pan-Afrikan and Pro-Black Consciousness Church. The “SOUL” Brother and Sister have left one plantation to go live on another plantation. You thought that you have escaped one slave master only to run into a different slave master. Only this slave master is far worse than the first.

 Black Consciousness Community

If you were truly conscious, you would reject all teachings of your slave masters who exist for the sole purpose of not only imprisoning your body but also your mind. How would you have known about ancient Kemet were it not for the European slave masters traveling to the land of Egypt, conducting excavations, and attempting to decipher the hieroglyphs on the walls of the tombs where ancient Pharaohs and their queens, and some of their royal households were buried? The Kemetic spiritual system was taught to you by Europeans. Therefore, you got all your knowledge of ancient Kemet from Europeans. If they had not allowed Negroes to study Kemetic language, culture, and religion in their universities beginning in the 1950s like Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, then you Negroes today calling yourselves Kemetic priest and priestess would still be ignorant. You would know nothing about Kemet if Europeans had kept the books away from you. You don’t really know what the ancient Kemites did during their religious ceremonies. Were you there? Admit it: you got all your Kemetic science and spirituality based off what Europeans wrote in books. Remember: the Negro in America was not allowed to travel to these places like Egypt to conduct any excavations or see the pyramids and hieroglyphic writings on the walls of the pyramids for over 400 hundred years, In addition, Negroes weren’t allowed to study Egyptology or Sumerology at universities until the 1950s.

All your Black scholarship, your Pan-Afrikan ideologies, Sumerology studies, and Kemetic spirituality cannot liberate you from the system of white supremacy and racism. All your black scholarship debates cannot stop police officers from killing you or your children at a routine traffic stop or when you’re fleeing from a cop. So, spare me all your Pro-Black consciousness crap. Don’t think that because I reject your Pro-Black teachings that I am anti-Black. Many of you in the black consciousness community are anti-Black. Many of you go out of your way to hurt other people that have your same skin color. Many of you are deceitful liars, and con artists. Many of you Pro-Black consciousness religious nutjobs have caused the unnecessary death of someone or you have unjustly spilled someone’s blood. Many of you have blood on your hands. Many of you have spun black oppression into a business, and have taken advantage of people who are possibly the most downtrodden and marginalized among us. While you promise them liberty, all you care about is their money, and what they can do to fill your pockets and bank account. And if they can’t do anything for you, you reject them and discard them like trash. If you were truly conscious, you would behave in a manner that is honorable. A truly conscious person is not full of deceit.

There are too many people claiming to be conscious that are the most despicable persons I’ve met in a long time. A bunch of liars, deceivers, backstabbers, and manipulators. You’re not conscious. Being conscious does not only entail having all this spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and knowing the secrets of the universe and spiritual laws, and knowing how to put roots on somebody or cast a spell or use sex magic to get what you want out of a man. A truly conscious person is full of light and love. But many of you so-called conscious Negroes have no light in you, and neither do you love anyone except yourself. While many of you pretend to be children of the Most High, you are children of darkness. You say you’re gods and goddesses, but what type of god and goddess are you? A slave master.

The concept of a god-king and goddess-queen came from ancient extraterrestrials who, when they engineered homo sapien humans, had set themselves up as gods and goddesses over the people, and became their overlords, spiritual leaders, and enslavers. When malevolent beings cohabited with human women, and these women bore children, they, too, became rulers, kings, and queens over the people. A goddess-queen in the ancient world was usually malevolent, and most were diabolical, and even tyrannical.

Black supremacists, Pro-Black blackity-black people, Hebrew Israelites, Kemetic priests/priestesses, Pan-Afrikans, Moors, Christians, Muslims, ADOS, FBA, Nation of Islam, the Five-Percent Nation, CarbonNation, BLM, etc. aren’t capable of bringing any true liberation to “SOUL” Brothers and Sisters living throughout North America. So then, what is your purpose? You’re all unconscious, because if you were truly conscious, you wouldn’t be online hosting black scholarship debates. Instead, all of you cornered off into these groups would become one unified body without any major divisions in the body. You would then pool all of your resources, and use all your black scholarship knowledge, and wisdom, and historical data to bring true and complete liberation to the “SOUL” Brother and Sister on American soil. Knowledge is power only if it is applied to your current condition. All the knowledge in the world means absolutely nothing if you’re not applying that knowledge to your current condition. If you were truly conscious, we would already be a liberated people.

The Black Consciousness Community is now on trial, because you have hustled “Soul” Brothers and Sisters far too long, and now you must answer the charges laid out before you.

The End.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

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    Lost me at God-dog!

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