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Find Your Way.

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( Greetings Gentleman,

I hope this letter reaches you in good spirits. I prefer gents over gentlemen. It sounds cooler. And we know black men are the originators of cool, but at any rate. How’s life? How’s the family? My siblings keep asking for money. I want to say no, but they’re in college and I know how college life is. I decided to write this letter to share one of my recent experiences. It’s actually a continuation of our last conversation.

After that last conversation, I went to the Rolls Royce dealership. One of my hobbies is looking at expensive cars.  In my free time I’ll go to a car dealership when it’s closed just to look around. I prefer going when they are closed so I’m not being hassled by the salespeople, but I digress. So, there I was standing next to this Midnight blue Bentley (Rolls Royce and Bentley are right next to one another) with cream seats.  I’m envisioning what’s it going to be like to own it.  How would I feel driving? How would I look driving? I was thinking about the ohh and ahhs from people as I drove by. And all the women that will be staring. That’s what really got me excited.  All of a sudden, I heard a voice ask, “Is that why you want it?” I had to pause for a moment.

black man thinking and walking 2021

I wasn’t afraid of the voice. I know it was my higher power. I knew that because I have been meditating and praying more so I’m somewhat accustomed to hearing the voice.  After the question I started to feel sad.  I started to feel like the only reason I wanted the car was to impress people, namely women. I never considered myself as someone that does things just to impress others. Not to mention the fact that I was reducing one of the rewards of me living in my purpose to nothing more than an attention trap.  I say one of the rewards of my purpose because I know the only way, I will ever be able to afford a Bentley is if I’m living in my purpose.

At that moment I realized that one of the reasons I do not go as hard in my purpose as I should is because my “Why” isn’t strong enough.  By why I’m referring to the phrase “Why am I doing this.” There’s a book written by David Mead, Peter Docker, and Simon Sinek entitled Find your Why. It’s a good read I recommend you checking it out. I believe that in order to do something truly spectacular; your why must be incredibly strong. And the thing is; your why doesn’t have to be strong to others. Just you. If the reason you’re doing what you’re doing is good enough for you; what others think doesn’t matter. My drive to impress people isn’t a good motivator for me, however it may be for you. Maybe you feel like there are people you must prove wrong. Or prove right.  Whatever your “why” is I hope it leads you to do incredible things. Because you are in fact an incredible person. It’s an honor to share this earth with you.

Peace and Blessings.

Staff Writer; Christian Johnson

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