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Treachery Among Girlfriends.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) When I first appeared on a podcast on February 13, 2021 as a guest to discuss my new book, I was applauded by the ladies on the panel for my work, and for speaking candidly about my experiences as a former believer in the Abrahamic belief traditions. On the panel, I was very honest and spoke candidly about having suffered with depression and having suicidal thoughts following my mother’s passing from stage IV uterine cancer in October 2017. Each question that the host asked me, I spoke candidly. Although I was a little nervous, people couldn’t tell just by looking at me.

During the February 13th program, the host told me that after she finish reading my book, she would invite me back on the program for an interview, and I accepted her offer.
Between February and March, I had gotten additional invites from the host to appear as a co-host on her program. In fact, during a recent program that I was again invited to as a co-host, the host told me that when she finish reading my book, she promise to bring me back on the program to talk about it. Unfortunately, I discovered this evening that not only was this girl talking crap about me and saying that I was interested in her man (i.e., husband), but she wrongly accused me of gossiping about her being homeless, which is something I never said. Either she is lying, or there are some behind-the-scenes shenanigans. I also discovered, while this girl made up an entire story about me being infatuated with her man while undermining me to her man and other people, that she simultaneously pretended that she really wanted me to come on her program, which went LIVE this past Wednesday, on April 28.
During the month of April, this girl kept inviting me to come on her platform knowing that she did not like me and didn’t really want me there. She told a dear confidant that I spoke to her and her man during a phone call saying that my pussy is tight. Those words never escaped my lips during any phone conversation with this couple. Not only has this girl been spreading false rumors to other people that I told her man while she was on that call that my pussy is tight, but she has made a concerted effort to cause other people to look at me differently.
Furthermore, I’ve never been polygynist, and have no desire to be polygynist or involved with a polygynist couple. I knew this man has been in a long-term legalized marriage years prior to entering into a polygynist union with the host who, knowing that she didn’t want anything further to do with me, kept inviting me to her show just to keep me around only to humiliate me in front of other people that knew what was being said about me behind my back by this conniving, backstabbing, psychotic b-tch while they all laughed at me to my face in the past several livestreams in which I’ve taken part. I have to assume they all knew about the rumors, and the b-tch relished in what she was doing and saying about me. Why the f-ck would I want to take part in any polygynist or threesome type situation? I ain’t no muthaf-ckin’ lesbian. My mama didn’t raise me to be a hoe like you. I got problems just like you and everybody else. But at least, I’m not the type of demon like you going around pretending that you wanted me on your show when you had utter contempt for me and had been undermining me and my work for the past 45 days or more.
After I had gotten other invites from this girl who, for the past two months, had pretended that she liked me and kept telling me that she was going to bring me back on her show to talk about my book but never did, I accepted the invites under the assumption that I was truly welcome there. Between the months of February and March, she had developed a disdain for me over a man who is already legally married to another woman and has been for years.
I am not here to cast judgment on anyone’s polygynist union. My judgment is reserved strictly for the individual that deceived me for at least the past 45 days or more, pretending like she wanted me on her program but had been scandalizing my name to other people, and it was all over a man that she thought or assumed I had eyes for, which was the furthest thought from my mind. I knew this man was married. I don’t date or f-ck married men period and under no circumstances. I do not possess a single inclination to enter into a polygynist union period! In fact, she invited me to a program on Saturday, March 27, 2021 to sit on a panel discussing Derrick Jaxn & Polygyny. I made it known that I am not in favor of polygyny. I said to the ladies, “I would not be interested in polygamy. I would not want to share my husband with other women.”
This girl is not only a deceiver, but she is like the Archons whom the ancient Gnostic Christians wrote were psychotic in nature, lacking empathy, and the word most associated with them was deception.
The last invite that I received from this conniving, backstabbing woman to appear on her program as a co-host was on Wednesday evening, April 28, 2021. But I declined to appear on her show due to an incident that occurred the night before in which she spoke to me on a panel full of people in a very disrespectful manner. At the time, I could not understand why she took that tone with me, because I had shown this girl nothing but respect from the first time we spoke in February until our last interaction on Tuesday night’s panel. My intention was never to cause any trouble or bring any trouble to this woman or her man. She developed a strong dislike for me within the past two months. But unbeknownst to me was the fact that she really believed I liked her man and was secretly calling him behind her back in order to come between their relationship. I never had a single inclination to romantically involve myself with another woman’s husband. Honestly, he is legally married to only one woman. Not you.
I’ve never openly practiced polygyny or been involved in any polygynist union to my knowledge. If people had seen me on the program the first night this girl had invited a confidant to come on her program to discuss spirituality, sex magic, etc., which was on Saturday, April 17th, you would see how happy and and excited I was for this guest who joined our panel.
In all honesty, the backstabbing and micro-aggressive behavior coming from this girl, the treachery and deceit that I was subjected to between the months of March and April, was the most sociopathic and psychotic shit that I’d ever experienced from religious women claiming to be god-fearing and powerful, but yet are controlled and dominated by men. Your confession that you know the Most High doesn’t mean sh-t to me, because your biblical god is just like you: Psychotic, Lack Empathy, and Deceptive. People wonder why I don’t have a lot of patience for religious nutjobs. The shit this girl did is a very good reason why.
If I didn’t like someone, there’s no way in hell that I’d invite that person back on the program just to humiliate him or her in front of other people on the panel or in front of the viewers. If I did not like a person, I wouldn’t f-ck with that person period! This evil, Satanic b-tch pretended like she was truly excited to have me on her show even though she had disdain and contempt for me. Then, she had the nerve to tell someone I know that I was jealous of her, and she tried to sever my friendship with this person. But it didn’t work. What jealousy do I have for a psychotic b-tch like her? Honestly, I feel sorry for you because while you profess that you’re such a powerful woman, you really lack power and control over your own self. This girl pretended like she was truly excited to have me as part of her program, but it was all a lie. You could see by looking at those shows in which I appeared as a guest and co-host that I was happy to be there, and I never had any ill-intent for her. I sincerely assumed this girl was a light-being but I was wrong. My pastor is a light-being, and she’s the complete opposite of you! You are a whole demon with whom I had been interacting since February.
Today, she finally called me. After the livestream ended last Tuesday night, I asked her, “Can you call me?” She never did call. On Wednesday, I decided to not join her program. She sent me a group text for the 10 PM show, and I politely declined to appear as a co-host on the program.
Within three months, I went from being applauded for my book when I first appeared on her program as a guest to being called a bitch over the phone, and accused of having eyes for her man while she was on the phone hollering at me and declaring that I told her man that my pussy is tight. Right now, I feel like a cruel game has been played on me, and I was the butt of a bad joke. I did not deserve any of this. I want no part in your hypocrisy and lies. I will not cover for you crazed religiously-enslaved people any longer. The biblical god Yahweh that you believe is the Most High is not a god. That demon is not all-knowing or omnipotent.
Take this letter however the hell you like, but your Archonic nature must be exposed. Everyone must see for themselves who you truly are, and not what you pretend to be to the outside world. In your zeal to expose and humiliate me because you thought I was powerless, you have only exposed yourself, conniving b-tch! Just like you had no mercy for me, I have none for you, demon! Don’t ever speak to me again.
Thank you.


Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

One may find this sister over at; http://blackpoliticomedia.blogspot.com.

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