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What Are Shadow Spirits and Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Them.

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( Have you ever seen a shadow?

A lot of people are worried about spiritual encounters, especially when it comes to seeing a shadow spirit. For people who don’t have the knowledge to understand what’s going on, it can be pretty terrifying!

But, you really shouldn’t be scared of them. Once you understand what a shadow is and why they’re here, you’ll see that they’re really no harm at all.

Find out everything you need to know in this guide.

What is a Shadow Spirit?

A shadow spirit – also known just as a shadow or a shadow person – is a very misunderstood part of our world. Shadows often appear and disappear incredibly quickly, creating just a figure or outline of a spirit, making it hard to describe exactly what they look like. Most people see shadows out of the corner of their eye as a smoky, transparent, soft white hue, neither there nor not there.

There are many different forms that a shadow spirit can take. But if you sense something out of the corner of your eye and feel a spiritual presence, chances are that you’ve just encountered one.

Shadows are simply spirits entering the realm of Earth. However, because it takes a huge amount of energy to manifest here, there’s a visual distortion which leads to that smoky haze or flash of light.


Should You be Afraid of Shadow Spirits?

If there’s one thing you must know about shadow spirits, it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid! This is absolutely vital if you want to learn more about spiritualism and other realms; you must not be afraid. Shadow spirits aren’t trying to hurt you and will never have negative intentions.

In fact, if you’re not comfortable with shadows, you can simply ask them to leave. Ask the shadow spirit very politely to leave you alone and they should, unless they’re trying to tell you something vital. But, they are absolutely harmless and you have no reason to fear them.

Why Are You Seeing Shadow Spirits?

There’s no conclusive reason as to why some people see shadow spirits. If you’re wondering why you do, it’s probably because you’re more spiritually perceptive than most people and have opened yourself up to this natural gift, allowing spirits to appear to you. A lot of people also find it’s more likely to see a spirit when you’re relaxed and your subconscious is a little outside of you, such as when you’re falling asleep.

There are a ton of reasons why you might start to notice shadow spirits, and it doesn’t always have to mean anything other than that you’re spiritually perceptive. This perception can change over time, so don’t be surprised if you see lots of shadows and then none for many years!

This fluctuation could be closely linked to your energy. Perhaps your natural abilities are more prominent when you’re making positive changes in your life, or perhaps when you’ve experienced a large shift. Or, you could simply be more aware of the world around you, and the shadow spirits who have always been there are suddenly more visible.

What do Shadow Spirits Mean?

So, why are you seeing shadow spirits? What’s the spiritual meaning behind them?

The truth is that there isn’t one set meaning. The spirits could be in your life for a whole range of reasons. For example, there could be a spirit that’s trying to interact with you or one that inhabits a space you’re frequently in, like your home.

Sometimes, seeing shadow spirits really doesn’t mean anything. As the world’s energy shifts and more people become aware, the veil between our world and that of the spirits is lifting, and it’s not uncommon now to see shadows and have spiritual events. Perhaps you’re just becoming more aware!

Seeing Shadows of Loved Ones

In spiritualism, it’s common for people to have experiences with people who have passed on. If you’re seeing shadows of a presence who you feel is a loved one, it could be just that. While you might not recognize them physically, you may simply understand that it’s them, feel a sensation that reminds you of them, or even smell their scent in the air.

If you think a loved one is there, it’s often for a reason. Try communicating with the spirit, saying I still see your shadows in my room and I accept and welcome you. If the atmosphere remains calm and positive, continue to talk to see if you can decipher any meaning or connection with the spirit.

Your loved one may also be following you because of unfinished business. Try to think of anything that could be preventing them from peace, such as a conflict that was never resolved, and try to tie up the lose ends for them. It’s such a small thing for you to do that could have a lasting impact on your loved one as they enter the spiritual world.

What Should You Do if You See a Shadow Person?

If you see a shadow person who you don’t recognize, you really don’t have to do anything. You can observe the shadow, you can ask it to leave you alone, or you can completely ignore it. If it gives you negative feeling, avoid interacting with it and set intentions to only communicate with spirits of the light and higher good.

Learn More About Spirituality

If you see a shadow spirit, it could be a sign that you’re spiritually perceptive – and that sort of talent shouldn’t go to waste! Once you understand what shadow spirits are and have dealt with your own experiences, be sure to learn more about the spirit realm and spirituality.

We have lots of great articles on spirituality and religion, exploring all aspects of both in an unbiased manner, so be sure to check them out!

Staff Writer; Fred Love

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