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Benefits of Using a Mouthguard for Sleeping.

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( Disorderly sleep is a common nuisance and prevalent in a growing population, especially children. The two most common disorders are sleep bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea. You can avoid these by using a custom-fitted mouthguard.

A dentist will help you by measuring the structure of your mouth and designing a mouth guard accordingly. Benefits of using a mouthguard for sleeping include freedom from stress, apnea with Bruxism and can go a long way in keeping your teeth protected.

Bruxism is medically defined as the phenomenon of teeth grinding or clenching, which is frequent and can happen when you are awake. General symptoms include acute pain or tooth sensitivity, weak and damaged teeth, disfigured or flattened teeth, and can cause damage to teeth enamel.


The pain may extend to the neck, jaw and can linger on as a headache. You might have a certain level of discomfort with your jaw, and the damage might affect the insides of your cheeks. Let’s jot down five benefits that might bring to light the benefits of using a mouth guard for sleeping:

  • Damage Protection 

This is the foremost task and benefit pertained to a Mouth Guard. The principal effect of Bruxism is that during sleeping hours, the constant grinding and clenching causes noticeable damage, leading to disfigured teeth, damaged filling, and intensive enamel wear. The mouth guard preserves your beautiful teeth from unwanted damage and ensures your bright smile remains intact, also providing a comfortable night’s sleep all the while.

A dentist will design a custom mouth guard for you by first making a dental impression of your teeth and then sending the resultant mold to a dental lab where it is made out of acrylic, perfectly and according to your dental mold and structure, to provide maximal comfort.

  • Limits Obstructive Sleep Apnea 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, abbreviated as OSA, is a gritty problem that can, in turn, lead to much more severe chronic ailments such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart attack, stroke, glaucoma, depression, and diabetes. OSA directly causes Bruxism.

It chances when muscles in the throat relax more than they are allowed to, causing stress and a sudden tightening of the throat muscles give way to teeth clenching, which is another attempt by the body to keep the route of the flow of air open. OSA causes breathing problems and increases snoring, as your air intake will reduce.

Benefits of using a mouthguard for sleeping include the fact that the custom-made mouthguard slightly widens the jaws to increase air intake, and enables you to breathe in an easier manner, and confirms a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Bid Adieu to Pain and Headaches 

Common symptoms that occur due to Bruxism are Temporomandibular Disorders, abbreviated as TMDs, which are associated with severe headaches and earaches, jaw and neck pain, and muscle fatigue. General feedback received from frequent users has been positive about mouth guards as they say that constant usage of the mouth guards alleviates the pain substantially and immediately.

The dental mouth guards work similarly to a sports mouthguard. They function by holding the lower jaw forward enough and stopping the tongue and throat muscles from giving up, thus preventing them from blocking the air path.

  • Well-Rounded Sleep Habits 

A mouthguard can make a striking difference in your otherwise erratic sleep patterns. The mouth guard ensures that your jaws and facial muscles stay in shape, giving the muscles enough liberty to relax after a day’s hard work. This, in turn, ensures minimal stress, reduced anxiety, and a better night’s sleep.

An added impetus is the A-Grade protection that your teeth receive, encouraging a better morning, where you could wake up with glowing teeth and a clear, fresh head.

  • Reduced Tension on Joints and Muscles. Feel Rejuvenated Everyday 

The dentists are in general committed to molding and shaping your custom-made mouthguard to the utmost detail in order to ensure that it fully adheres to your comfort and needs and helps you by bringing a striking decline in your stress level, which has been prevalent in your jaws and muscles.

This pain causes severe discomfort while eating or talking, as you struggle to move your jaws with the requisite freedom. Mouth Guards are light-weight, comfortable to use, and over time become an organic habit, providing you with relief from these pains and stress. They become your go-to tool and a wholesome provider of a good night’s sleep after a tiring and mundane day.

Summing Up

Using a mouth guard for sleeping is a necessary and effective way for a person suffering from the symptoms associated with Bruxism or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. You can easily avail one by contacting your trusted dentist, who, with one or two visits, can fix you up with a custom mouth guard suited to your facial structure and ensure that you can wash off all your sleep and pain-related problems.

These dental tools prove to be exponentially effective for people with these issues and will surely help you out with comfort and a relaxed sleeping session. Say goodbye to your teeth problems with these effective mouth guards, and wake up fresh every day, along with a beaming smile and healthy teeth.

Staff Writer; Steve Shaw

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