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Business Job Interview Hacks: 5 Interesting Ways to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”.

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( Job interview questions and their answers don’t always have to be the same. Questions like ‘Why should we hire you’ challenge candidates to prove themselves worthy of the role they apply for. The question is often asked by recruitment teams across many companies. If you search this question on Google, you will get more than 658 Million results.

While the common job interview questions and their answers are easily available online, employers expect something unique and relevant in your answer. One needs to be very careful when answering such questions because what you speak reveals a lot more about you. So, how to answer “Why should we hire you?” and other similar questions during a job interview? Here’s a guide with examples to help you do your best without coming off as cocky or over-confident.

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Say ‘I will make your job easier’

That’s what most hiring managers and the management want. A company needs people to make the business process smooth. The management wants peace of mind and looks for people who can deal with difficult situations if they need to. Making their job easier is what they expect so highlight how you’re going to make their job easier. Do not read what’s already there on your resume, talk about what makes you reliable, and how your work can bring peace of mind and can help the company focus on more important tasks than managing people.

More on the benefits

Basically, the best answer to “Why should we hire you?” would be to talk about the benefits the organization is going to get if it hires you. Instead of putting more thoughts on how awesome you are, highlight what benefits a company could get if you’re a part of it. Can they benefit from your experience, your certain abilities, some of your previous projects, your connections, or something that can add more value to their business?

Show, don’t just tell

If time allows, show them something instead of talking about how amazing your skills are. If you have the experience, mention how your attitude helps you become a better team player and how you can manage things without little to no supervision. A small presentation or simple graphics can help you highlight things in a better way. If you’re given an opportunity to show your skills, go for it because that’s something people related to more and in that way, you can effectively take the discussion forward.

Don’t make things up

If you have no experience at all, just tell them straight. Highlight how quickly you can learn something and how you can get hold of things in less time. If you’ve just started looking for a job with no experience, you can say that you need a chance to prove your abilities and the organization seems like the right place for it. Don’t make things up and don’t tell them about your unfinished projects unless they add any value to the conversation. The last thing you want is someone digging deeper into things you made up and leave you clueless.

Visualize first

Can you imagine yourself in a long-term collaboration with the company? If you do, tell this and mention the reasons why. Do not make it the core point of your answer, but make sure to show them that you have a vision. Do not let yourself distract from the key question – “Why should we hire you?” Answer it with complete honesty, politeness, and enthusiasm.

And if you can’t come up with an answer, just say that you should be hired because you are capable of filling this role and fulfill the responsibilities the position requires you to fulfill. You are well-versed with the tools/resources required to do the things and most importantly, you actually like doing what the position requires you to do.

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