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8 Things About iPhone 12 you need to Know Today.

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( Pretty much all the key information about the iPhone 12 range is out now, but be ready for surprises. There’s still a lot of questions about the iPhone 12 features and specifications that need to be answered. Here are the 8 things which you should know about the iPhone 12 revealed by industry insiders and Apple itself.

It’s Size

With rumors about iPhone 12 featuring metal frame surfacing, there’s an interesting tip coming from an Apple insider. Apple has already confirmed that the iPhone 12 release will be delayed and there will be three different sizes in which three different iPhone 12 variants will arrive. Apple will launch two 6.1-inch iPhone Pro/Max and a 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max. With that said, the company will also unveil a 5.4-inch iPhone 12.

Camera System

The iPhone 11 series brought a slew of camera improvements, the iPhone 12 lineup won’t be much different. Apple is said to be working on a 3D camera system for iPhone and 2020 could be the right time for this. It is also being said that Apple will launch two high-end iPhone 12 models with time-of-flight camera systems. The inclusion of a triple-lens camera system on the high-end models and a dual-camera system on the lower-end iPhone 12 variants seems possible.

iPhone 12

5G Connectivity

Now when everything is alright between Apple and Qualcomm, the iPhone 12 lineup is expected to launch with the latter’s Snapdragon X55 5G modem chip. This clearly means that Apple is steering away from Intel chips and is ready to go back to its old partner. According to reports, all the new iPhone 12 models will come equipped with the X55 chip. In the United States and other main markets, the phones supporting sub-6GHz and high-speed mmWave will be available, while in other regions, the sub-6GHz band will be available.

5-nanometer SoC

Apple’s A13 chip is one of the fastest smartphone processors available today. It runs on a 7-nanometer architecture. Shrinking a mobile chip makes it more power-efficient and faster. With the iPhone 12, Apple is doing exactly the same. It is expected that the A14 chip will have 5-nanometer architecture. According to analysts, this chip will be 15 percent faster and 30 percent more energy efficient.


Apple’s next iPhone is shaping up to be a powerhouse. The iPhone 12 Pro range will reportedly feature 6GB of RAM while the standard models including the iPhone 12 will get 4GB of RAM. While 6GB may look less compared to the smartphones from rivals, for an iPhone, it’s sufficient considering the chipset which is capable of handling data processing better than the chipsets used by Samsung and other companies in their flagship phones.

Faster Charging

Beyond all the above-mentioned features, there remain more compelling reasons to wait for the iPhone 12 smartphone series. Apple is reportedly fitting a magnetic ring into the iPhone 12’s chassis which will help enhance the placement of the iPhone over wireless charging mat. Do you remember how Apple canceled its highly anticipated AirPower charging mat? Some believed that the company put a pause on its launch due to quality issues. Now it seems that the magnetic coil in the iPhone 12 chassis will pave the way for native wireless charging for future iPhone models.

With or Without Notch?

The irony is that many notch-haters thought Apple will bring a complete notch-less device in 2020. But based on several reports, the Apple iPhone 12 smartphone had been expected to reduce the notch size for a better design. With recent reports suggesting no changes in the notch size, Apple will certainly disappoint many potential upgraders. While the leaked images do not show all the iPhone 12 models with a big display notch, there’s still a chance Apple might consider introducing a smaller notch with some of the iPhone 12 models.

Release and Price

Apple has officially confirmed that the iPhone 12 launch will be launched later than usual. The company’s CFO Luca Maestri said that the new iPhone 12 range will arrive a “few weeks later” which clearly means that we can expect the smartphone range to be available in October. Since the reports about a multi-stage launch have surfaced, if that happens, we will see these phones hitting store shelves in October and November. As far as the iPhone 12 price is concerned, it will likely cost around $649 to $1,099.

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