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Apple AirTags Will Give Users More Control over Their Belongings.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Apple uses many clever tricks to bring you to its ecosystem. It’s probably the case with Apple AirTags, the company’s new tracking device which can be attached to many items so that you can locate them in case they are lost.

Apple‘s new invention is a small object that is small in size and can be located using wireless communication technology. It may use a chip that sends signals, a wireless signal that is detected by a connected device like an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Using the wireless signal and other techniques such as detecting network strength and time of flight, the device may be able to locate the AirTag. For example, if an iPhone is used to determine the position of the AirTag, the phone will be able to use its in-built GPS system and sensors to find the absolute location.

One can imagine many use cases as the potential is very fascinating. The AirTags are simply for attaching to things you easily lose. They can be attached to car keys, children’s backpack, remote control, gadgets, and travel bags, etc. Apple AirTags are not anti-theft devices and Apple won’t call them that. These trackers are for convenience for things that often get lost or misplaced.

Apple Airtags - 2020

Apple already has strong competition from products like Tile that work in the same way using Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity solutions. The uniqueness of Apple AirTags is that the company already has a strong portfolio of devices and has its own operating systems on these devices. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or the Apple Watch, Apple is well-positioned to handle the network of its devices so that people can easily report tag loss.

Additionally, Apple is said to be planning to allow other iOS users to be able to contact people who have lost their tags if they come in the range of a lost tag. The good thing is Apple can provide the solution to users so that they can anonymously report about missing AirTags securely through any Apple device. Other devices don’t have the resources to do this efficiently. For example, Tile only works when the Tile app is installed on the person’s mobile phone, Apple can easily include this capacity directly into its operating systems including iOS and macOS.

Recently, Apple AirTags patent details were published by authorities and the image published in the documents suggests that the design of AirTags will be the same as leaked by several industry insiders in the last couple of months. The device looks like a small disk with a metallic cover on its rear and plastic on the front and its sides. The illustration also reveals a leather pouch with a keychain.

The location-tracking capabilities of Apple AirTags are said to be very accurate. As per reports, a smartphone will be capable of detecting the tag to an accuracy of three feet radius. The patent documents explain how network connectivity will work between AirTags and other devices. Apart from locating the missing object, the AirTags will be able to initiate actions on devices that are connected. The tags will also work in different modes including normal and lost mode.

While in normal mode, Apple AirTags will conserve power and will maintain a connection established, while in the lost mode, the AirTags will trigger response due to lost communication and will rely on third-party devices to notify the owner of the tag about the location. According to patent documents, all these things will take place silently and secretly so whenever someone is in the vicinity, the device will be able to notify the owner of its location.

There’s also a mode that uses the system to report the tag’s location and status when they are in the home or safe place market by the user. As soon as the tag leaves the place, the owner will be notified.

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