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How The Democrats have effectively abolished the 2nd Amendment.

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( A common observation among conservatives over the past few months is that the riots engulfing American cities have taken gun control off the table as a political issue for the foreseeable future. The idea is that the violence, looting and chaos pushing gun and ammunition sales to new records has effectively ended the debate on whether American people need access to firearms. While the left may not be arguing for gun control at the moment, they have certainly not conceded the issue.

In March, Joe Biden announced anti-gun Democrat Beto O’Rourke would lead a Biden administration’s effort to “take care of the gun problem.” As a presidential candidate, O’Rourke famously declared he would impose gun confiscation (referred to as “mandatory gun buy-backs”) and enthusiastically detailed how police would be sent to the homes of unwilling gun owners to impose his “buy-back” by force, if necessary. Although Democrats and major media are avoiding the topic, there is no indication the Biden campaign has changed its position on gun control or the candidate’s stated intention to put a man in charge of gun policy who publicly champions forced confiscation of firearms from American homes.

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In the meantime, Democrats have quietly gone about effectively abolishing the Second Amendment by other means. While the Supreme Court has ruled that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right, and laws regarding Americans’ rights to carry a firearm have generally expanded around the U.S. over the past several years, the practical ability to use a firearm to defend yourself, your family and your home has never been more fraught with legal peril.

In times past, political races for local offices like sheriff, county prosecutor or district attorney were left to local political junkies. Most Americans who went to the polls on Election Day do so to cast a ballot for their choice for president or governor at the top of the ticket. The local officeholders tended to be the same party as that carried by the presidential or gubernatorial candidate. These down-ballot political contests usually do not draw much attention because the winner ends up being in charge of some largely administrative public task, and there is not much difference in how someone from a particular political party might do routine things like make sure court documents get filed or deeds recorded. Over the past few years, however, things have changed.

A few years ago, across America far-left elements of the Democratic Party began targeting local elections for district attorney and certain other offices in an effort to completely transform the criminal justice system, city by city. Heavily funded radical Democratic candidates swept into office in major American cities on a wave of money from outside their communities. This strategy is paying off, not only by liberalizing criminal justice policies by simply refusing to prosecute or even cooperate in enforcing laws opposed by leftists (immigration, drugs, rioting), but by turning the justice system against those exercising their Second Amendment right.

So you may purchase a handgun or a rifle, but what good is it if your local district attorney will destroy your life and career by jailing and prosecuting you if you dare to use it?

In St. Louis, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, notable local attorneys, face felony charges by a leftist local prosecutor for coming out of their home in June with their firearms to confront a trespassing, angry mob.

In Oakland, Michigan, Eric and Jillian Wuesterburg were arrested for drawing their lawfully carried handguns when they were followed out of a fast food restaurant by an angry group of people threatening to assault them and surrounding their vehicle. The couple, neither of whom has any criminal history, got out of their car and drew their weapons as they were physically blocked in and prevented from leaving by the mob. The Wuesterburgs face felony charges, death threats, and Eric Wuesterburg was immediately fired from his job.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a man who tried to stop rioters from tearing down a public statue was being beaten in the street with fists and a skateboard when he drew his pistol and shot one of his attackers. Stephen Baca was arrested and jailed for Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon.

In numerous viral videos from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse appears to shoot three men who are attacking him with fists, a skateboard, a Molotov cocktail or other thrown object and a semi-automatic handgun. The attackers also can be seen trying to rip his rifle out of his hands while they beat him on the ground. Reports indicate all three of his attackers were convicted felons, with one of his assailants a convicted sex offender whose victims included several children between 9 and 11 years old. Rittenhouse sits in jail, facing homicide charges and possible life in prison.

Democrats across America have effectively abolished the Second Amendment. Guns may be flying off the shelf as people arm themselves in response to leftist mobs burning cities, but what good is a gun if you are not allowed to use it? Make no mistake, the arrests mentioned above are intended as a warning to law-abiding Americans thinking of using a gun to defend themselves or their homes or communities from criminals. These riots are not taking place in communities where Republicans hold office. They are a feature of Democrat-run areas. It is these Democratic local officials who use the criminal justice system as a political weapon to effectively cancel your right to keep and bear arms.

Written by Sean Harshey

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  1. Jim says:

    Just think, what if we took our fight to the left? Armed that is. They think they can simply reduce us to not being able to defend ourselves…not a chance, they want a fight, let’s give them one.

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