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United Voices for a Common Cause: Different Message, Different Look.

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( UVCC, since 2006, has always been serious about its message and purpose, but to ensure that same seriousness and formal call to action is effectively conveyed, UVCC has re-launched a more professional and visually appealing website. Humankind is entering into the crown era of a Higher Consciousness and rest assure UVCC’s approach in this matter isn’t conventional…in any sense of the word.

All is not well in America, nor the world! There is need for a new, bold leadership in more ways than one—secular and non-secular. UVCC will proudly serve as one of the new leaders essential to resurrecting greatness the Black race, as rulers of the world, once possessed.

We look at things that happen in and around us “energetically” first and then as a whole “spiritually”.  If Black America is to move into this new level of consciousness unification will be a required vanguard. And this, while extreme…requires a housecleaning…a consciousness revolution housecleaning.

The world is presently spiraling out of control. Nonetheless, we must be at peace and temper the tendency toward fear. Stay aligned in a positive thought mindset and raise our individual vibration. We are all instruments, and when finely tuned, will make beautiful music moving into our future.

Time has come for Black America to become increasingly proactive, as opposed to simply reacting, and take back control of our own fate and destiny. UVCC, with true supporters’ help, can be a vanguard in the Black community, becoming a more influential and potent force in the advancement of the Black/African American community, and the American society in general.

Make an impact! Inspire others! YOU are such an important part of how history can be made. Become part of the team that is preparing to take humanity to another level. All are encouraged to visit online the new face of Upon perusing the pages, if the reader realizes that he/she is ready to take their place in this fight for restoring cultural self-respect, pride, honor, dignity and be supportive of UVCC in this endeavor we would be privileged to secure his/her support by you becoming a member.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

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