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The Ego of 45 is Worth American Lives.

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( I always say petty is for children. When adults are petty there are consequences, and it can be detrimental. Those in various areas of leadership can’t afford to be petty, and they need to be mature enough to accept constructive criticism. If they aren’t doing their job, and the people are paying for that negligence there is going to be upset citizens. 45 doesn’t realize the presidency is not a reality tv show. If he doesn’t do his job in a crisis situation Americans will pay, and that price could be life. No one is going to be nice; no one is going to be concerned with his ego when the welfare of the American people is not a priority. Just when one thinks 45 couldn’t sink any lower…he shows us there is no end to his childish behavior. In the midst of a pandemic that’s taking the nation by storm he’s concerned with governors being “nice” to him as American people die. He’s concerned about journalist being “nice” and refraining from asking what he deems as “nasty questions”.

This president has decided that the American people are not more important than his need to feel like he’s doing a good job. He doesn’t see to understand the position he holds is one whereby he serves the American people, and he’s doing a horrible job. Instead of taking the proper precautions with the intel he received about COVID-19, and what it could become, he chose to act as if there was no need to prepare. Be sent PPE to China when he knew this virus could be bad globally…and that includes in his own country.

45 has shown the American people that he’s more concerned about Wall Street than he is about he lives of the everyday American. He doesn’t see to understand without the everyday American there is no economy. The people are more than a price tag. The people are not going praise leadership when they wake up everyday to a rising number of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

There are children being taught to take responsibility for their actions. It is being drilled into them that they don’t know everything, and they need to respect the knowledge of others. They should always be willing to learn. It is important that they learn there will not be a pat on the back for every little thing they do. If hey make a mess…they won’t be put on a pedestal for fixing such. They ought not lie, and they are being held accountable by those raising them for the words that come out of their mouth. We teach children at a young age that lies, and their actions, have consequences. It’s not okay for others to pay for their behavior. These principles are expanded as they get older. 45 seemed to have missed these lessons as everything he is going is contrary to anything mentioned here.

For those that have tried to defend this administration, I hope you see that you nor your family are of any importance to this president. Americans can die for greed, and ego. Americans can suffer for nice. It’s sad that there are children that behave better than 45. Thank God for our mayors and governors across the nation. They have proven to be the real leaders in the midst of crisis.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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