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CTE: The Silent Killer And It’s Negative Effect On Black Men.

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( Recently, I watched the 2 part special episode of the popular documentary series on Vice called “Dark Side Of The Ring” and the title of the 2 part episode was called “Benoit” which talked about the wrestling career of Chris Benoit and the events that led to a horrendous crime that took place at his family home in 2007. 

The main reason why I decided to write this article is NOT to defend Benoit for his actions in June of 2007, but to actually inform readers about the dangers and negative effects of CTE. For those that don’t know CTE aka Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a neurodegenerative disease that’s caused by constant repeated blows to the head.

Even though CTE is mostly linked to football players, boxers, & MMA fighters. Wrestlers can also get CTE from doing flying headbutts, getting piledrived & DDTed as well as getting hit in the head too many times with the steel chair. And it was revealed in the episode that Chris Benoit had absolutely one of the worst cases of CTE as a result of those flying headbutts that he did off of the top rope throughout much of his wrestling career.

CTE has also become a silent killer in the black community nowadays because of the fact that there are so many brothers out there that are either current or former football players are currently walking around with significant amounts of brain damage. I have also seen numerous documentaries and interview with former football players (many of them are black men) in which they discussed in detail about the mental and psychological issues that they’ve had to deal with during their post-football careers whether it be forgetting certain things like their own birthday to becoming more aggressive and violent towards their loved ones.

I have stated in a previous article that football is the most overrated sport in the black community today because a lot of young brothers are psychologically brainwashed by society and the corporate mainstream media to believe that football is their endgame only to find out that it’s not what it’s cracked up to be because there’s a very dark and destructive culture that comes with football from alcohol/drug abuse & womanizing getting many baby mamas in the process to getting significant amounts of brain damage from taking those repeated blows to the head. 

The very first time I even heard about CTE was watching a 2015 film called “Concussion” starring Will Smith that’s based on a true story of how a doctor named Bennett Omalu discovered the neurodegenerative disease back in 2002 after examining the brain of a former NFL player and how The NFL tried their hardest to prevent information about the dangers of football from ever getting out to the public. When I saw that film, I was absolutely shocked and blown away by the fact that a person playing football can get brain damage much more quicker than in wrestling, boxing, and in MMA.

The Conclusion – For those out there that think that CTE is “a joke or it’s not real” definitely need to do their research because what they find about CTE will absolutely shock them. 

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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