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Fear Brings Out the Worst in Us.

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( Fussing, fighting, hoarding, anger, and many other behaviors show up when people are genuinely afraid. If not careful the “woe is me” can occur quite quickly. Why my neighborhood? Why my job? Why my city? There are those that will find a way to make anything solely about them, and it is rather unfortunate, because it can make them a detriment to themselves and others. Believe me when I say the coronavirus is not the only virus running rampant in this country. The fear virus has people all over the place. The negativity virus is just as dangerous as those that continue to complain about everything make it harder to get through the situation we are in.

It is interesting how nonchalant many Americans were when it was just China, or just any other country dealing with this virus. Now that it is rocking America to its core with no chill out in site we see that we are no different than others. Well, we might be in a worse case situation because clearly we weren’t prepared. The fear monster has been turned loose.

In so many places the fear has caused irrational behavior. People are fighting over toiletries, toilet paper, water, food, and anything else they believe is necessary to their survival but in limited supply. The last day I was outside the house I witnessed citizens fighting over a bottle of bleach. There are many other ways to get the cleaning done, and there was another bleach option that was overlooked while they were having a physical altercation. This kind of senseless behavior is worse than the virus itself.

Some of us are shut in to help stop the spread of the virus, but we are also shut in because more than ever we can’t guarantee our own safety due to the fear that has gripped the hearts and minds of many. There are those that look to rob people that are trying to make provisions with what they can. There are also those stocking up on guns and ammunition with a mind to protect their home and family. However, lets be honest fear and guns are a dangerous combination. It would be unfortunately for someone to catch a bullet asking for help. Yes, it can happen.

There are those that so fearful of this virus that if they think they have an itchy throat they will run to the hospital with all deliberate speed because they swear to God it’s the coronavirus…and the itchy throat is all they had. Never mind the fact they sleep with their mouths open and have that same throat every day. That might seem like an exaggeration, but it’s not…paranoia is apart of the fear factor.

We are glued to the TV, computer and phone almost around the clock. Every notification we are quick to drop everything and check it because we are afraid a very big shoe is about to drop, and many have no confidence in the leadership of this country to get us through these dark times. This is itself can cause its own degree of fear. In addition to the coronavirus many Americans need to be mindful of anxiety levels, panic attacks, and the stress that lead to heart attacks and strokes rooted in the fear they feel. Fear brings out the worse in a people. Somehow we’ve got to move from fear to a resolve to get through this dark time to brighter days.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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One Response to “Fear Brings Out the Worst in Us.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Author,

    Not just fear but rather fear, ignorance, lack of preparation and selfishness.
    Its a combination

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