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Book Review; The “Golden Beauty Boss”.

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( Black hair care is a billion-dollar industry today. However, once upon a time not too long ago black women were looking for ways to embrace products that would be beneficial to their hair growth. The textures varied and it was clear that the products white women used for their hair was not the best option for black women. We have used items in our kitchen for centuries to groom our hair due to lack of access to proper hair care. When Madame C.J. Walker came to prominence it was a serious breakthrough for black women as they finally had cosmetics and hair care products targeted specifically towards them in a significant way. Though she is considered the first woman to be a self-made millionaire she is but a part of the story of black hair care in America. Madame Sara Spencer-Washington is also an important part of the narrative of black hair care.

Golden Beauty Boss: The Story of Madame Sara Spencer-Washington and the Apex Empire by: Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks tells the story of the founder if the Apex Hair Company and News. She was inspired by the work, and persistence, of Madame C.J Walker and launched an empire that was international. Apex beauty school was a groundbreaking establishment that graduated many hair and beauty professionals and was instrumental in Philadelphia. This is a great story of perseverance, growth, empire, love and caution. The author chronicled not only that of Sara Spencer-Washington, but also her heir Joan Cross-Washington. The book can serve as a cautionary tale that balance with work and home can be difficult, but it is mandatory. Failing in love is no crime at all, but it can cost one all they have worked for if the person you love is trusted with your business. This is a tale often told by many.

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Someone taking in this book will be able to see the struggles black women faced to see beauty in themselves, and that the need was answered by black women. It is also a reminder that there is nothing that can’t be done with hard work and dedication. Black Entrepreneurship is vital to black community. It is the method by which we create a table when we are not allowed a seat the established tables. There were so many stories that have been lost to us of black excellence and perseverance. Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks has done an amazing job of restoring this story to us that can inspire many to build the empire of their dreams as their work becomes the answer to the needs of our people.

This is a book that, in honor of Women’s History Month, should be shared with women and young girls to inspire them. The story of Madame Sara Spencer-Washington is one that can continue to teach us for generations to come. She should have a place in the conversation of black beauty and hair care right along with Madame C.J. Walker. Hopefully, more people will take an interest in this story.

Golden Beauty Boss: The Story of Madame Sara Spencer-Washington and the Apex Empire by: Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks can be found on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

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