Sunday, May 31, 2020

Parents Feed Your Own Kids.

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( In the midst of the Coronavirus and school closings, we discover that over 20 million children count on public schools in America for free breakfast and/or lunch. Are you freakin kiddin me? Where are the parents? And if the parents make very little, whose fault is that? So for you sorry parents, our tax dollars have to feed your kids because you won’t or can’t or don’t? If that is true, you are not a parent. You are an egg or sperm donor. Are you offended? Good, powerful medicine often taste bad and its time our people take a good long look in the mirror without excuses, denial or blaming someone else.

My sons are adults now but I fed my children so all these millions of parents need to feed theirs. I should not have to feed their children. They had them so they need to feed them. The damage caused by the slave entitlement mentality of thinking that a government which could care less should be trusted to feed your children is just dumb and irresponsible.

No person nor ethnicity has parenting perfect but that is no excuse for sorry black pseudo-parents!

You may say that many people don’t make enough to feed their children. And I would say rethink what you just said.  If you don’t make enough to feed your children breakfast and lunch, cereal, toast, oatmeal or a sandwich, what are you doing with your life? And how many adults are faking, lying and making money under the table? How many of those adults have food for themselves but don’t feed their children? How many of them are full of excuses and bad decisions? How many of them are trying to get over so you and I can pay to feed their children?  I don’t owe them that. Benevolence is by choice, not by a demand to support someone else’s children.

What does a parent owe a child? Food, clothing, shelter, guidance, safety, love and education, at least. Yet so many parents blame the teachers when the child can’t read or fails at school, skips school, becomes discouraged, drops out of school, failed his or her grade level and has discipline problems. This parental denial of looking in the mirror needs to stop. Likely in most cases it is more of the parent’s fault than the teachers.

The federal government and all of us as citizens should help the less fortunate. And I do, every single week. But we should be helping them to help themselves instead of creating crutches and enabling programs which keep them dependent with their hands out, making excuses and living below their potential.

If people are mentally or physically handicapped, disabled or elderly, the community, the church and the government has a responsibility to help them. But for those who are able bodied and of sound mind, we would do them a greater service to help them help themselves by partnering with them and helping them to reach financial Independence. You don’t build self-sufficiency by constantly giving people free stuff through trap door entitlement programs that build dependency instead of confidence, priorities, self-discipline  and financial stability.

As far as feeding your own children, if any employed person in this country cannot afford to buy a big box of cereal and a loaf of bread (even from a day old bread bakery) to be used for breakfast every week for the children, that job is not doing them much good. But wait, is the parent living above his means or lacking in priorities? Or maybe he or she just needs help with better budgeting, time and money management.

A long-term and lasting solution would be to teach parents how to do these things instead of sending the wrong message that they can just keep getting free stuff, getting over and depending on the government.

All of us should take responsibility for ourselves and our children without making excuses and waiting on handouts. And if you don’t make enough on your job, get a better job, go back to school, do something different, start a business, subsidize your income. But don’t expect me to keep paying for free handouts for the children you chose to have. I paid for mine now you pay for yours.

So food for thought. The law of nature is that the strongest survive. Therefore ask yourself if entitlement programs go against the very laws of nature? And do entitlement programs make people weaker so they cannot ever be the “strongest”? That is not who our ancestors were – weaklings who had to depend on the government and who could not even feed their own children. Our ancestors, even though they struggled, were mighty and resourceful. Building welfare mindsets and slave-minded food lines is lowering the bar and teaching people to think for today instead of planning for tomorrow or being responsible for their own actions. We are not making them stronger but rather making them weaker and stripping them of their potential independence and self-determination. We are just creating another weak generation that cannot survive without the white man’s hand outs nor government assistance. Another cycle where yet again people expect free stuff instead of expecting more from themselves and being resourceful enough to make things happen. An awful example. A crippled generation and a new plantation of slaves. So if you care about your people, help them to help themselves.

Let’s take a few minutes to debunk the BS excuses and arguments given by parents who cannot feed their own children and those who are inadvertent enablers. Many of you say the parents make so little money that they cannot afford to feed their children. But wait, many of the same people who make very little money would also likely qualify for SNAP of free food assistance. So are you telling me people who can get free food still can’t feed their own children?  And if these adults cannot feed their children, how are they eating every day?

Many of those children receiving free or reduced lunch have parents who are employed. But if the parents don’t make enough money, whose fault and responsibility is that? Adults have to be responsible for our choices pure and simple. And while our government, churches, communities, businesses and citizens should help people in need, that help should be a partnership that leave those in need stronger and more resourceful, not more dependent on others. If you can’t (or won’t) budget, whose responsibility is that? If you didn’t save because you bought what you wanted instead of what you needed, whose fault is that?

A loaf of bread, a package of grits or a box of oatmeal are not that expensive. It is a matter of priorities. If your children are wearing Nike shoes, have a cell phone, a playstation, laptop and/or tablet but you cannot feed them breakfast, your priorities are all wrong. And I should not have to pay for your lack of priorities. If I do, you learn nothing.

Don’t even try to tell me about the impact of slavery. I do not deny the devastation slavery caused but you were not a slave and your children were not either. The biggest damage of slavery today is the minds of African Americans which are full of excuses, remain divided, expect handouts and try to get over on society. After slavery there was Black Wallstreet, all successful business ventures run by people who refused to think like slaves dependent on the plantation. After slavery there was prosperous Harlem. After slavery and even before the civil rights movement, your grandmothers were still able to feed their children, you and half the neighborhood too. Even in the midst of racism, low paying jobs for African Americans, transportation limitations and big families. Slavery of yesteryear should not be continually used as an excuse to depend on others instead of taking care of yourself and your children.


Psychology and Sociology have proven over and over again that constant handouts neither make people resourceful nor responsible nor independent. Trusting somebody else to take care of you becomes a scapegoat of excuses where you never take care of yourself as you should. That is an awful pattern to developing in our children. And you don’t teach people how to take care of themselves by simply doing it for them any more than you teach people how to walk by continually pushing them around in a wheelchair. You cannot teach people how to be independent by getting them to depend on you. The longer we let the government (or anybody else outside of marriage) take care of us, the more it erodes our beliefs and ability to make things happen for ourselves. This is especially true for creating weak men. Help and empowerment should not be mutually exclusive, especially when then can be the same thing.

America lacks self-discipline. And unfortunately the African American community lacks it even more. Because lack of self-discipline is so rampant, our people have come to believe it is the norm and thus OK. But it is not a good thing. This shortcoming has repeatedly caused our people to fail in preparation, responsibility and accountability. Grandmama prepared for a “rainy day” but today far too many of our people are not even prepared for tomorrow without help.

Wake up, step up and grow up people. No more excuses. One day government handouts will come to an end. Then what? And parents who count on someone else to fulfill your responsibilities, you are teaching your children how to be leeches, a lesson that will only make them struggle later on in life. Parents feed your own kids.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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