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Minority Owned 24 Hour News Outlet (BNC) Plans to Debut During Black History Month.

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( Negative and biased depictions of African Americans is not a new phenomenon in news media coverage. Joining the  ranks of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, BNC (the Black News Channel) is on track to provide accurate, inspiring, and uplifting portraits of Black lives 24 hours a day seven days a week. BNC is scheduled to begin broadcasting February 10, during Black History Month. Co-founder and CEO Bob Brillante states that Black History Month could not be a  more appropriate time for BNC to make its debut, and that the network is committed to ensuring “that when our viewers tune in they are witness to a quality viewing experience,” Brillante told Fox Business News in January.

According to co-founder and former Oklahoma Republican congressman J.C. Watts, BNC will be available to over 70 million homes and devices across the country. Watts says the 24 hour news channel has secured television agreements with network providers such as Charter, Comcast, and Dish Network. “Our technicians, crew, and launch partners are working overtime to make sure that the additional pieces are in place to provide our African American audience with the programming that tells more of our story in a way that is not provided by current news outlets. We will be making history …” Watts explains.

BNC is based out of Tallahassee, Florida with quite a stellar news team. Former CNN host Fred Hickman will join Emmy-Award winning journalist Laverne McGee and Anthony Amey. The Black news network will be available on streaming services such as Hulu and netflix and through wireless cellular services. Watts says this will make BNC more accessible to millennials and others – 98 percent of whom get most of their news on their smartphones and other social media devices. Watts, who is also a former CNN political commentator, started developing the idea for a 24 hour Black New network over a decade ago, because he wanted to do something that was culturally specific to the Black community. “You won’t find any network that talks about sickle cell [anemia] and/or diabetes as it relates to the Black community,” Watts says. BNC will feature daily three-hour live news broadcast and provide personality driven programming on history and education. Watts will also host a program that will travel around the country celebrating people that make important contributions and investments in the African American community. Also on board is John Marks, former mayor of Tallahassee, Florida.

Marks is the Vice President of Government and Community Relations. “This has been long in the making. When you see what we’ve done and what we’re going to do, it will knock your socks off, “ Marks exclaims. Jacksonville Jaguars overs, Shad Khan has made a $25 million investment in the network, and told the New York Post that his investment was a chance for him to make an impact on how news about Black people is reported and consumed, as well as help to amplify Black voices and better connect culturally, economically with others.“I believe there is an undeniable calling to everything the Black News Channel will deliver to African American television audiences who have historically been underserved. My decision to invest is an easy one, because we get to answer that calling,” Khan said.

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