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Exercise & Health Tips; The Secret To Getting Jacked When You’re Busy.

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( The usual workout routines you see in flashy gym advertisements and health magazines just don’t work for everyone. Some people can get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and can spend an hour or two at the gym but that doesn’t work for everyone. A simple, organized routine with some mindful changes in the lifestyle can help anyone looking to get jacked even when they don’t have the time to hit the gym or exercise regularly. Here we discuss the five secrets that can help you build muscles and stay fit regardless of what your day looks like.


Working without frequent breaks and uninterrupted use of computers has been proven to be the reason why a large number of people feel stressed. Lost sleep and depression are also caused due to heavy mental pressure. Being surrounded by nature can help you feel healthier and encourage you to be more active. But since it’s not possible to take a ‘forest bath’ every day, there are other ways to de-stress before you decide to go for any kind of exercise. De-stressing doesn’t necessarily have to be about going out or spending time alone, you can listen to music, play with kids, read a book, drink tea or make a plan for something.

If you feel a little more energetic, start practicing yoga or any light exercise that can help you feel calm. The most important thing is, you must always listen to your inner voice to better understand what you need and what is something that can make you feel better.

Create sharply defined goals

When you feel peaceful and relaxed, start planning your next move – set fitness goals. Perhaps you want to lose weight, cut out sugar, and hit the gym every day; trying to tackle all that at once is not a good idea. When you push yourself to think about so many things to achieve at once, you get anxious. It lowers your chances of achieving your fitness goals. Sharply defined goals will keep you on track. For instance, don’t make “weight loss” a goal, say you want to lose ‘X’ pounds in ‘X’ months. Doing so gives you clarity and at the same time, a defined goal allows you to track the progress you make because you know what exactly you’re aiming for.

Improve your time-management skills

Once you’ve set your fitness goal and are ready with a plan, constantly remind yourself to work on it. For that, you will need to make some changes in your schedule and that’s easy if you polish your time-management skills. Remember, slow and steady wins the race and planning for small wins is the best way to develop good habits. Don’t change your lifestyle in a hurry, you may end up with a messy schedule which could affect your work life as well.

Find out how you actually spend your time. You may think that you only spend a few minutes in responding to all the emails, but in reality, you take an hour to write one or two. Set a time limit for everything you do at work and do the same when you’re back home. From morning to evening, try to prioritize things based on their importance and set the time accordingly. As a result, you will be getting more time for your fitness goals.

Ditch supplements and get your nutrients

If you’re busy, don’t spend time in a market buying things that are easily available online. This way, you won’t make unhealthy food choices and also you will save plenty of your time. Make sure to prepare healthy meals that contain all the nutrients your body needs to build muscles. Protein is a must if you are serious about gaining fat and muscle. It will also help keep your metabolism functioning well and fibers will keep your digestive system strong.

Hydrate and sleep well

Since water is a major part of your body, it is no surprise that a good amount of water is needed to stay fit and achieve a jacked physique. Water is necessary according to research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The report published by the organization reveals that even 3% of water-loss reduces muscular endurance and affects your performance during weight lifting exercises. This clearly means that even if you’re trying to achieve a muscular body, without a sufficient amount of water, you lift less weight than your actual potential.

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