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Guide to Minimalist Living.

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( We may all be familiar with the saying, “The more the merrier.” But, it doesn’t always apply positively, especially when it comes to clutter. A lot of stuff often leads to a lot of clutter. That’s why many people choose to embrace minimalism. 

What is minimalism? 

Minimal means “of a minimum amount” while -ism is a suffix which means “a distinctive practice“. Being a minimalist means owning fewer possessions and living more freely without focusing on stuff. 

Many people have switched to minimalist living because of many reasons. 

  1. Decluttering and getting rid of many stuff creates more space at home. 
  2. Minimalist living helps you to focus more on what’s important – and those are not things. 
  3. Having lesser stuff will help you save more. With a lot of purchases in-store and through online shopping apps, we sometimes tend to spend beyond our means. 
  4. Lesser stuff also means lesser waste. A minimalist lifestyle will also be an opportunity for a sustainable lifestyle. 

If you’re someone who is planning to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, here’s a simple guide for you:

Be intentional. You have to commit to it. With the coming new year, it’ll be a great start for you. But also take note that it won’t be an easy transition especially if you love shopping. While it is great to reward yourself with stuff every now and then, living a minimalist life should be kept in mind. You may list down the reasons why you want to transition into this kind of lifestyle to help you go back on your why’s whenever you feel discouraged.

Start with decluttering. Get rid of things that aren’t serving you anymore. If you have some broken appliances, you either get rid of it or have it repaired. Avoid having duplicated items on your household. When decluttering, you can divide items into two: keep and discard. If there are items you find sentimental, you may keep it but be sure to have proper storage for it.

Donate discarded items. Discarded items don’t necessarily have to be thrown away. It can be donated to other people who can either reuse or recycle your stuff. You may post it online or find an organization who accepts donations. 

Choose staple items for clothes. Keep and purchase clothes that you can mix and match. Many women say they have nothing to wear when in fact, they have tons of clothes kept on cabinets and drawers. The struggle is real for these women. Keeping staple items will definitely help you stress less in dressing up.

Join social media groups. While being intentional will help you go a long way on this journey, being connected with people of the same goal will motivate you to be consistent with embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Look for social media groups who can inspire and teach you more about minimalism. They may even give you tips on where to find quality items to help you spend less. Aside from that, you can also get new ideas on how to make meal plans, organize finances, and find new OOTDs especially made for minimalists. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter

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