Pay Attention to the Details of this Impeachment Process.

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( It is very easy to view what is going on in the United States as bad energy, terrible politics, and for some anxiety triggering. These things tend to make one turn off the TV and ignore social media regarding this administration and impeachment. Many of us wish we could simply ignore what is going on in hopes that we can wake up one day to the relieve that it was only a bad dream. Unfortunately, what is happening in the news is a reality. We have a President that seems in capable of honesty, he is embarrassed globally which means we’ve all been embarrassed, and it seems he has committed impeachable offenses. The interesting thing is no we might not want to see what’s happening, but everyone has an opinion and doesn’t mind sharing such. This is not the first time a President has been impeached. Though we can acknowledge our country is not in a good place, what is happening is historic and it is important to pay attention.

Our country is at a cross roads. What our congress does right now, and how they vote, will have a lasting effect on this Union as we know it. Will democracy as we know it continue? Will elected officials put their bias and party allegiance aside to defend the Constitution as we know it? Is this the beginning of the end for America in terms of the way our government is ran, and out standing in the global community? These are just a few of the questions on that may be determined by the outcome of this impeachment process. Americans across the country have to search their conscious about what is happening to this country, an whether or not many will continue to take a stance against the best interest of their families.

It is important to watch the impeachment process and pay attention to the position taken by the officials you’ve elected. You need to know if those in Congress and Senate are acting in the best interest of this country, if they are simply perpetuating the bias fighting, we’ve come to expect, or if they have blatantly decided to take a stance with no regard to the constitution at all. Should you decide to enter into the national discussion on these matters you’d want to contribute an informed opinion. There is enough “fake news” literally being shoved down out throats on every platform available. Take the time to watch the proceedings for yourself and come to your own informed position.

Though it is negative a President being impeached is history. There have only been three Presidents in this country to be impeached, and this is the first President to have such happen in his first term. We need to be able to explain to our children what is going on and engage our community about said events. Americans are guilty of not knowing enough about how their government functions, and this causes many citizens to easily be manipulated; don’t allow that to happen to you. Know what’s going on in your government, and in your nation’s capital.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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