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Tips for Dealing with Depression When Studying.

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( College comes with mixed experiences for different people. Some feel it as a nice place since they have more freedom to do what they want as compared to school. The skills they learn also come in handy while dealing with the challenges.

However, another group of people finds college a place with many hurdles. For example, they have many tasks to deal with, from researching to completing the assignments on time. Some students do not have enough money to take them through a given academic period.

As a result, depression appears to be a serious medical issue when it comes to college students. Several surveys point out the fact that at least 9% of college students experience depression from time to time. What is even worse, there have been several cases of the students` suicide because of depression. Presently, suicide is the second most common cause of death among collegians. It is a worrying statistic, and something should be done to change that.

Most students do not know how to cope with depression. That is why they think the easiest way to go through the trying moments is to terminate their lives. You should not be a part of the community overwhelmed by depression. Here are some ways to manage the situation:

Accustom Yourself with the School Environment

Stress begins when you do not have an idea of how to operate in the new college environment. You feel bad when your colleagues seem to be operating seamlessly while you have to strain just moving from one college location to another. Fortunately, colleges have orientation days for students to help them know the surrounding. Therefore, do not overlook the program. Most first-time college students become overwhelmed with the huge information they get because they did not go for orientation.

By knowing the school, your life will become easier. Do more by approaching your classmates and asking them about the things they know about the college. For the most reliable information, talk to faculty members. Find out the locations where students hang out frequently and the activities that suit you. More importantly, locate the office of the counselors so that you can easily get help when in distress. That way, your life in college can become more comfortable.

Do Not Ignore the Things That Trouble You

There are those times you have questions like “who will write for me this difficult assignment?” At such moments, you may overlook the problems you are going through. The fact is that you need to pay close attention to the things that trouble you. Ignoring them means that things may become more intense in the future that will make it hard to manage them appropriately.

Whenever you have an unusual feeling in your mind, acknowledge it. As you may still be unable to explain it, find out the trigger. When you do that and find a proper solution, you can easily prevent future depression. If you are already depressed, you can easily deal with it before it is too late.

Get Support from Close Friends and Relatives

People often assume they can deal with their issues without getting any help. The same applies to depression. You only come to realize later the issue was too huge. The first step is to look for a professional. Do not wait for things to get better on their own. They are likely to be worse than you thought. Clinical depression can be dealt with using a combination of counseling and effective medications.

Do not ignore the contribution of those who are close to you. They can give you encouragement that can go a long way in helping you to recover. Stay close to the family, even if your college is located in a different town. There are different ways to keep in touch, including phone calls and email communication. You can also update them via Facebook. Moreover, you need friends in college. Talking to people makes the situation manageable.

Create a Positive Lifestyle in College

There are many healthy things to do in college. They include:

  • Studies
  • Exercises
  • Reading interesting books

Avoid unhealthy behaviors such as abusing drugs. Such behaviors accelerate the rate of depression. When you are already on your path towards recovery, they slow you down. Ensure that you always have enough rest. That means you should sleep at the right time. The other things to stay healthy include reading motivational books and talking to people who have recovered from depression. They can offer some useful tips.

Final Thought

Depression negatively impacts academic attainment and quality of life. Therefore, as a student, you should be more aware of your mental status. If you are a college student, pay attention to numerous aspects of the academic life that create a recipe for depression. Ensure you get adequate sleep, practice good eating habits, do physical exercises, and keep your family and friends close.

Staff Writer; Greg James

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