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Ways to Benefit from Gardening for Your Mind and Body.

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( It’s a fast-paced world and those who don’t stop to smell the roses, both literally and figuratively, soon find themselves overwhelmed and overworked. That is why it is extremely important to engage in a hobby that will give you pleasure, relaxation, physical labor and peace all rolled up into one. What hobby would give you this? Why, gardening of course! Gardening can burn more calories during physical labour then you realize, and it also clears the mind, soothes the soul and allows a person to become enriched by nature. There is a reason that more and more people are turning to gardening as a stress reliever and it is because it involves all the senses while making your body move.

Some people even combine their love of gardening with a way to save money and while they still plant a stunning visual display of flowers; they also plant more practical garden beds in terms of vegetables and fruits. You can even step it up a notch and plant herb gardens in window garden boxes and use grow lights to start your seedlings indoors during the long cold months of the winter. It is no wonder that people love to garden.


Mentally, gardening has just as many benefits as physically even though a person wouldn’t think so. The mental concentration required for planning, organising and preparing everything need is great. The actual act of gardening? Removes stress, anxiety and bad energy from the mind through the repetition motions of troweling through the soil, pressing those delicate plants into place, and covering it just right with soil again. Then comes the spreading of compost or mulch, the fertilizing process and the watering process. You won’t have much time to worry about anything else.

Your mind is able to relax during gardening as you can feel the worries, stress and tensions of daily life leaving your mind to float away on the wind. Plus, it’s the kind of busywork that allows a mind to relax and calm, so problem solving is at an all-time high. The smells of nature and fresh dug ground, the songs of the birds singing through the trees and the steady beat of your own heart as you create something beautiful eases the mind – which in turn, soothes the soul.


The task of planting and maintaining a garden is no small matter. It takes time, effort and elbow grease to get the job started and then keep the job going. There is always something that needs to be done, whether it is spreading mulch or turning over your compost pile. You have weeds to pull, pests to contend with and vegetables and fruits to harvest. It’s not a small task but it’s a rewarding one. After planting your garden, you’ll have to keep an eye on it; you’ll have to make sure that it is watered and that the plants have room to breathe. You need to fertilizer your gardens to ensure that your plants are getting the proper mixture of nutrients (Dr. Earth has a great blend of fertilizer on the market – click on the link to read more).

Your body will move in ways you never thought possible, with your core engaging with each squat, bend and twist. You’ll need to use your core strength, back and arm muscles dragging a wheelbarrow full of soil one from garden bed to the next.

All of this physical activity will alleviate tension from the body, increase muscle engagement and burn calories. The best part of it all? You won’t even know that you just put your body through a workout because you’ll be busy basking in the glow of your accomplishments. This combined with a relaxed and soothed mind while preparing your fresh produce for supper, smelling your fresh flowers on the table? Priceless in many ways.


Even if you live in a small apartment or a duplex conjoined with your neighbor, you can still indulge in your love of gardening. Perhaps your apartment building has safe roof access where you can plant small gardens in pots and long planters or even consider building a vertical garden. If not, then why not bring a small slice of nature indoors? Use sturdy plants to brighten up the room, window boxes for herbs and flowers, and large ornamental planters for fruit trees. Just make sure you get the dwarf versions so you can still get around your apartment!

There is no excuse not to garden in some shape or form and if it’s going to get your body moving, senses singing and mind soothed? Then why not take the chance and start your own? If you are unsure of the first steps to take, then get online where you’ll find forums, websites and chatrooms for gardeners of all stages or talk to the gardeners and farmers at your local market. They are treasure chests of advice.

Staff Writer; George Hall

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