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Bharat Bhise HNA – The Benefits of a Career in Ethical Hacking.

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( Bharat Bhise HNA and I grew up together and shared a passion for computing, just after college I decided to go into software design and Bharat opted to become an ethical hacker. At the time I never thought much about this but in the years that have passed I greatly regret not following Bharat into this profession. An ethical hacker like Bharat is basically someone who has the skills of a hacker, but decides to use their power for good, working with companies to test out their cybersecurity, trying to breach their systems and helping them to increase their protection.

For anyone out there who has a real passion for cybersecurity, networks and computing, here are the benefits that you can count on if you decide to pursue ethical hacking as a career choice.


Things were different back when Bharat got started in this industry but these days the starting salary for an ethical hacker is a huge $25,000, with salaries rising very quickly. In fact there are many of Bharat’s colleagues who have only been working in the job for a couple of years, who are making upwards of $60,000. In terms of financial rewards, this is a great career to be in.

Ever Changing Landscape

Much like most types of crime, cybercrime is a game of cat and mouse which is played between security companies and hackers. New security is invented and then the hackers find a way around it, the security company ups its game, and the whole process starts again. These content advancements in the world of cybercrime is why this landscape is always changing. What that means for ethical hackers is that they must always be on their game and learning about these new advancements, in order to deliver the job which they are paid for. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life and this is very important when it comes to a career.


Being able to hack is not easy and there is not a huge volume of people around the world who can do it to a high standard. Furthermore many of these men and women who can hack, opt to do so for their own nefarious purposes, rather than becoming an ethical hacker. This means that there  is an incredibly high demand for these jobs, which will mean that you never have an issue finding clients and work. Computers are not going anywhere and as long as there is computer systems, there are companies looking to keep them safe.


Anyone who has the ability to hack has not learned about it through some kind of duty, they learn about it and practice because it is fun. Sadly most hacking is illegal, which is why this is a job which is so much fun. Ethical hackers basically get paid to do what they love, trying to breach cybersecurity systems, and doing so with a big smile on their face.

Staff Writer; Brian Jacobs

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