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10 Low Cost Exercises You Can Do From Home.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) There are moments when you might feel “I let myself go” or “I need to hit the gym or something.” The thing is you might not have the time to just hit the gym regularly or you have the time but you just don’t like the environment of gyms. Valuing your personal space and others or issues with self-confidence might come into play. People tend to be more comfortable at home so here are ten exercises you can do at home at a low cost.

1. Hindu Squats

This is an excellent exercise for strengthening your legs, thighs, and so on. Hindu squats can also help with your balance. These are great because you can do them anywhere in the house.

You can also do them throughout the day without a set schedule. On top of this, Hindu squats don’t require really require any additional equipment since you’re using your own weight. If you’re just getting into doing them, a chair will help balance.

At first glance, they don’t appear difficult in execution but doing them improperly—like with any exercise—can result in you hurting yourself. This is a tremendous weight-free exercise.

2. Classic Push-Ups

There are so many push up variations you can do but the classic push-up is good for beginners while still giving you that burning feeling of progress muscles being worked. I mean arms, shoulders, forearms, your chest, wrists—plus it can help with balance. Just like with the squats, you’ll want to know your limits and use safety. A staple of school PE.

3. Wall Push Ups

So, let’s say you don’t have the balance for push-ups or you’re having trouble pushing up from the floor. Wall push-ups are a solid alternative. While they don’t offer a variety of options like classic push-ups, you can bust these out anywhere, anytime, without needing to change into your exercise clothes.

Just use a sturdy wall in place of the floor and knock out a few. You might notice that you can do these relatively effortlessly. For more resistance, move your feet further back from the wall so that you’re leaning against the wall—or slanting against it. Find a distance from the wall that works for you.

4. Crunches

Another throwback from school PE, crunches are easy in execution and require no equipment. You’ll definitely want to warm up before getting intense with these but they really work your stomach muscles. Use caution with these and know your limits so that you don’t totally pull something.

5. Lunges

These are extremely good for the legs, thighs, knees, and back. They can also help you improve your stamina and balance. Lunges work extremely well in bursts and as part of a larger routine.

6. Weighted Push Ups

These are just like the push-ups at number three only with extra weights. This can be in the form of weights being place on your back or a vest that holds weights.

7. Bicep Curls

Most of the exercises here are calisthenics or bodyweight exercises. Curls require some outside weight or resistance to work your arms. These are great if you either don’t want to do push up or if you feel that you need something to supplement them. Curls work the arms, forearms, and shoulders and on first thought, the idea of weights come to mind.

While weights are extremely effective with this exercise, they can be somewhat costly since you’ll want a variety of different weights as you feel progress or see results. If you want to save on this, resistance bands are a good alternative. They come in different levels of resistance—color-coded to note this—and can be taken anywhere.

This means you can knockout your curls at home or away since they can be taken anywhere without trouble.

8. Pelvic Lift

These are a relatively simple exercise that you do from a laying position where you start off with your knees bent upward. Repetitions of lifting your rear off the floor from this position finish out this exercise. It’s good for the glutes, the lower back (which I use them for), and your stomach muscles. You can add a weight across your stomach for some extra umph.

The good thing about pelvic lifts is that they require nothing extra. You just need a floor and time.

9. Jumping Jacks

Here’s another staple from physical education. Jumping jacks are pretty self-explanatory and can be done at home in a whatever clothing works. As always, clothing specifically for exercise is best but these are jumping jacks, good for the chest, shoulders, and ankles. These aren’t like power jacks since they’re just half of the exercise but work as nicely as a warm up or as part of your routine.

10. Jogging

Great for cardio, burning calories, and leg strength just to name a few benefits. Jogging has a low entry where you just need seasonal clothes depending on when and what time you get your miles in.

Other things you might need includes something to measure time (your phone), something to measure your distance and other metrics (your phone), and tunes if you prefer (your phone). Wearable weights can intensify your routine as well.

The other thing about jogging is that it can be done in your home via jogging in place. You’ll definitely need something to measure your time and distance since jogging in place doesn’t exactly give you an indication of progress.

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