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Apple iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max.

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( The Apple iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max? Which one should you pick up? As you know, both were announced at the Apple Special Event on 9/10 and offer some improvements over the iPhone X line.

Head to Head: iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max

Since Apple isn’t the kind of company to release three phones in an iPhone line and have one standout more than the others, there’s really nothing to compare. Both phones give you the same network functionality and speeds. They both have the same bodies made with the same material.

The same goes for the displays packing scratch resistant glass and the Super Retina XDR screen. Now, the difference here is obviously with the size of the phones. A larger size gives you more display space. According to GSMArena, the 11 Pro is 5.67” x 2.81” while the Pro Max is 6.22” x 3.06” with the 11 Max having a 5.8” display and the Pro Max having a 6.5” display.

For those keeping score, they’re the same as the iPhone XS and XS Max’s display sizes. The camera is the same as the last iteration as are the storage options here. You will get an extra color option in Midnight Green and it does come with the new iOS 13. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a larger battery but both have the same charge time.

Other than that, you’re getting the same smartphone with slightly different sizes. Physically, they’re slightly different from the iPhone XS line up. The thing that will really add some razzle dazzle will be on iOS 13 and its pairing with the Apple Watch Series 5.

Remember the larger phone will always cost more. Prices will be revealed on 9/13 when pre-orders open up with Apple, mobile carriers, and stores. There’s a lot of speculation on price and when it comes to anything iPhone, the predictions earlier in the year tend to be mortifying. When it gets closer to September the price predictions are often more reasonable and closer to what Apple will release.

Which One To Pick…or Should I Skip

When it comes to selecting between two largely identical products it comes down to personal preference. Personally, I prefer a larger phone so I’d go with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Although, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10+, the 11 Pro Max is the larger phone and sports a bigger display. That is until you factor in that the Galaxy S10+ gives you more display space as a whole.

As mentioned before, price might be a factor so the Pro or just the iPhone 11 might be your pick. So, size or price are your deciding factors here. Overall, you’re not going to be just distraught about which one you want as both are the newest in the iPhone line.

There are other options with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. You could wait but you’ll be waiting a while for a significant price drop—and that’s considering you’re not getting it via your carrier. The other option is to skip this one entirely.

Considering these—and smartphones in general—are improvements on a model that came out a year earlier, if you’re just not at all wow’d by what you’re getting with the 11 line-up, you could sit this one out. There are iOS users who still iPhones from three and four generations back.

Ultimately, deciding if you’re going to skip on iPhone 11 is the harder choice than choosing between the 11 Pro and Pro Max.

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