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Genius Trump: Master of the Game.

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( You may not like Trump and I don’t either. But you need to recognize the genius of his game. Yes he is a narcissistic, immature serial liar, racist, sexist molester of women and opportunist. But guess what? He is still president. Yes he stands with America’s adversaries against American intelligence agencies, insults war heroes, tells people to go back to where they came from and uses his position to make American government his personal piggy bank. But it’s working.

You have to understand Trump is not using a standard of right and wrong. That is what most people miss. He is using a standard of what works. And the same behavior you call atrocious and sickening is what made him the most powerful political figure in the world. So why would he stop? Wow, talk about Masters of the Game? Trump is using the same type playbook Adolph Hitler used and very skillfully.

So just as Hitler employed the skills of Joseph Goebbels as the minister of propaganda, I find it ironic that Trump is of German ancestry and using the same techniques, strategies and methodologies. Donald Trump’s adversaries spend time writing book after book after book about him. Donald Trump manipulate the subject matter of any given media station on any side of the aisle on any given day with a tweet. That is power, control and manipulation all rolled up into one. Too deep? You have no idea.

Donald Trump is a lot of things but he is not stupid. Most of you of any in every “race” or ethnicity do not recognize what he is doing because you have not been trained to spot indoctrination, mind control and brainwashing. You are not familiar with propaganda techniques which bypass your conscience mind and enter into your subconscious. You think it is all bunk or conspiracy theory. These are the reasons you are easy targets, completely without your knowledge. All I will say is the words “puppet masters”.

But as a former detective who had specialized training in profiling, a university-trained non-verbal communications specialist, a spiritual person with the gift of discerning of spirits, a researcher and a man who is awake, alert and aware, I can see what he is doing and how just as clear as looking through a window. And if you don’t believe in indoctrination, mind control and brainwashing, I suggest you go to the federal government patent and trademark website ( and look up mind control devices for yourself. They exist. They work and they are being used on most of you daily. Yes they live!

Do you realize that Donald Trump caught everybody off guard, both Democrat and Republican? That is not the work of a stupid man, whether you like him or not. My thought? That he is so smart that he is playing dumb – so great of an act that you would never believe that he is pretending. Did you realize that knowing how to throw people off track, work the electoral map and snatch the election is not the work of an idiot? Hillary Clinton received 48.5% of the popular vote (65,853,516) and Trump received about 46.4% (62,984,825). Hillary Clinton received 2,868,691 more popular votes than Trump but Trump received the votes that counted most (the higher number of electoral college votes). And that is why Donald Trump is president. He knew where to strike, who to target and what strategic areas he needed. Should Hillary have know this? Yes. It almost makes one want to believe that Hillary threw the fight.

Either way, no matter what any of us thinks, with Russia’s help, Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election. Genius moves from a man who is as far away from stupid as Pluto is from Earth. He might fool many of you Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, candidates, supporters, undecided’s and citizens, but he does not fool me one bit. And indoctrination, brainwashing and mind control make zombies of all kinds.

A man who lies over 10,000 times, admits that he could shoot someone and his supporters would still back him, lies to those very supporters every time he opens his mouth, admits to sexually molesting women, pays off porn stars and others to keep quiet, dodges one sexual assault allegation after another, intermingles with staff who have met over 170 times with the Russians, commits not 1, not 2 but 10 cases of obstruction of justice (that we know of), defies all of Congress, locks children in cages, separates them from their parents, treats his wife like a mail order bride old news booty call nanny, treats his daughter like his wife, hides his tax returns and hires illegal immigrants at his golf club is a very powerful man who is no dummy. The scary thing is that I sense an intelligence guiding him from somewhere.

That is a man who knows how to push the envelope to the edge and get away with it. That is an infamous genius, like him or not. I simply acknowledge the facts. And if the Democratic candidates do not catch on to what Trump is doing, he might as well start making plans to move even more of his things into the White House because he won’t be leaving. But if the wrong people read this, I might be.

Want another shocking fact? There are only a few Democrats who could beat Trump. Hillary but she is not running. Biden but the Democratic candidates who don’t have a chance are so busy attacking him that they are draining his time, money, energy and resources he needs to fight Trump. And Biden is not exactly 25 years old with incredible vitality so he has none of the above to spare. Bill Clinton but he cannot run. Barrack Obama but he cannot run. And as for Democrats, that is about it. Yes that is about it. Not Bernie. Not Elizabeth. Not Corey or Kamala or the rest whose names are not even worth mentioning. So no matter your color, political party or ethnicity, wake up people.

You are dealing with a con man extraordinaire. A one of a kind who knows exactly what to do to thrown everyone off balance while he sits in his room eating Big Macs and laughing at the fact that you think he is stupid. Believe it. I could go much deeper into how Trump fooled over 60 million people into voting for him, but most of you probably don’t even believe what I have said so far. And to go deeper, you would have to have a foundational knowledge of indoctrination, brainwashing and mind control. But I will say this, Donald J. Trump Sr. is no dummy and he knows exactly what he is doing. Most of you have no idea.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


4 Responses to “Genius Trump: Master of the Game.”
  1. Chester says:

    What grade did your teacher give you for this essay?

  2. Mutt the Hoople says:

    So, when are you scheduling your mass shooting? I see you’ve already written your manifesto.

  3. Louis Foxwell says:

    This is a delusional screed by an angry man. Our president Trump is sent by God to save us from the horrors of enslavers. The author has not discerned that spirit, above all.

  4. Northern Sentinel says:

    Speaking of propaganda, have you had a look in the mirror this morning?

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