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Adrian Peterson – The Lack Of Financial Literacy Among Black Male Athletes.

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( One of the biggest issues that plagues our community to this day is the lack of financial literacy amongst a lot of us and especially in regards to black male athletes.

Black male athletes are the strongest and fastest group of athletes in the world because we run the fastest, jump the highest, and hit the hardest and this is a proven fact. 

Black male athletes are also among the most exploited group of people in America because of the fact that they’re being academically exploited first in the public school system by being passed around from grade to grade by white nationalist teachers because they don’t care too much for their academic progress, but only care for them in the sense of the football/basketball team winning games and championships. They’re also exploited academically at the college level where they’re put in fake classes where they’re not learning anything including financial literacy as long as the football/basketball team wins games and championships.

The other part of the massive exploitation of black male athletes come in when The NCAA along with their colonial universities are making extremely ridiculous amounts of money off of the backs of the exploited labor from these young brothers. An example of this was when Adrian Peterson was a star running back for The University Of Oklahoma back in the day in which he made millions of dollars for that university (that mostly went to administrators, coaches, commentators, etc.) running up and down the field making plays and scoring touchdowns in front of a crowd full of white people while not even being given a proper education during his time in college.

And now a recent report reveals that after making over $100 million throughout his career and is currently being sued for $6 million, Adrian Peterson is broke not just because he trusted the wrong people, but the major reason as to why he’s broke is because he didn’t take the time to be truly educated on the importance and value of financial literacy because a black man that goes through life without an education will always be a target for exploitation and this is the truth. 

Some of the biggest reasons as to why so many black male athletes like Adrian Peterson go broke is due to the

1) lack of understanding ownership

2) lack of understanding investing

3) hiring better people to make better decisions

4) lack of understanding assets and liabilities

5) lack of understanding making better personal financial decisions.

The Conclusion – To all the young brothers out there, take the time to understand the value and importance of financial literacy because the best weapon you can use against the system is the power of knowledge including understanding the basics of financial literacy.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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