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Why a Career in Big Data and Data Science Makes Total Sense.

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( Is a career in Big Data or Data Science really for you? If you are looking for a quick answer then it’s yes. But before we go in-depth on ‘how’, let’s first talk about ‘why’. Small and big, many companies are increasing big data and data science-related investments. The opportunity to harness the power of data leads companies to enhanced profitability through insights into business processes, purchase trends, and customer behavior. Data scientists further streamline internal processes by changing data into actionable information.

As organizations continue to drive digital reinvention and become more data-driven, business leaders will witness a huge deficit of talent in the data science area. Now is the right time to make a career in big data and data science because the industry could land you something more than a high-paying job.

Long-term growth

Companies know that data science can help them make better business decisions. This realization is also helping the market and job growth. According to a report by IBM, data science and analytics job listings is set to grow by nearly 364,000 listings to 2,720,000 by 2020. The report also reveals some interesting facts about the job market. It suggests, companies usually take 53 days on average to fill the position of an Analytics Manager. This is one of the most challenging positions to recruit for, the report suggests. More than 50 percent of job opportunities in data science and analytics are in IT, healthcare, professional services, and finance sectors.


There are more jobs in big data and data science than there are job seekers in these fields. Finding a job won’t be very difficult. In fact, if you have experience of working on analytics, data collection, or data architecture, it might be easier to find a suitable job. You can also look for growth opportunities within your organization if your company is ready for a digital transformation. There are many advanced ways of using data nowadays. Machine translation can be used to analyze thousands of documents and create summaries and reports for companies to understand.


Compared to IT and computer science fields, companies infusing big data into business tend to focus more on skills and less on seniority when offering career advancement opportunities to their employees. Regardless of their age, those with the right skillset can move ahead without having to deal with traditional workplace barriers.

Learning Opportunities

Big data and data science courses were never a part of the traditional education system. Even today, there are only a few valuable learning programs available that offer complete knowledge and skills. Most of the people you see in the industry today have transitioned into data science through self-learning. Most of them spent time reading blogs, books, and participating in workshops and courses to be ready for their current roles as there is no structured guideline available.

Compensation Structure

High paying jobs in big data and data science fields have attracted many young people in the last ten years, but the industry is still in need of more talented individuals. The average salary in AI, big data, and data science ranges between $100,000 and $150,000. According to reports, demand for data science and big data experts will continue to grow. Skilled professionals can expect data science jobs with big pay increases as most companies are planning to invest more in data analytics.

Networking can help aspiring data scientists to build and grow connections. Open source projects or competitive programming can be the starting point. Connections may not immediately help you find the dream job, but they can help you learn, grow, and find the right direction.

To increase the chances of having a good job in big data or data science, students, as well as working professionals, should focus on studying the most in-demand subjects. Students should choose their major wisely, while the working men and women can go for project-specific courses to make sure that they are acquiring the right skill set for their projects.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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