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Expert Gun Care: 10 Tips on How to Clean a Gun Properly.

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( For many gun owners, having a well-maintained firearm is of the utmost importance. Not only can you take pride in having a clean gun, but your gun will also function better when properly taken care of.

Knowing how to clean a gun can prevent malfunctions that otherwise lead to dangerous outcomes. Not mention that regular gun cleaning helps your firearm last longer and perform more accurately.

While building your own rifle with an ar15 80 lower is a hobby for some, cleaning your firearm isn’t always the most fun task and can often seem like a bit of a chore even for the biggest gun enthusiasts. The most important aspect about this task is knowing how to do it properly, so your efforts aren’t wasted.

Want to learn how to care for your gun like an expert? Follow these tips, and you’ll know how to clean a gun like a pro.

1. Safely Taking Apart Your Gun

Before you begin the cleaning process, you’ll need to disassemble your gun properly. The good thing is that most of today’s guns are typically rather easy to take apart. But your owner’s manual will instruct you on the exact way to take everything apart if you need further help.

It’s important that you disassemble your firearm properly to avoid accidentally bending or damaging a piece from trying to force it. If you’ve lost your manual, look on the internet for a copy or disassembly instructions.

You’ll want to separate all the pieces and parts so that you’ll be able to clean every little nick and cranny. And of course, before disassembling your gun, you should ensure it has been unloaded to avoid any potential accidents. A product, such as the fingerprint gun safe can help ease one’s concerns regarding family members, gaining access to a loaded firearm.

2. No Ammunition In Sight

It may sound redundant, but it’s very important that you don’t have ammo in your firearm when you are taking it apart. Many gun experts even recommend having your cleaning space in an entirely different room than where your ammo is kept.

Triple check before beginning to disassemble your firearm that it has been properly unloaded. This is one of the most important steps of the gun cleaning process.

We’ve all read those unfortunate articles about someone accidentally shooting themselves while cleaning their gun even though they were sure it was unloaded.

3. Using Proper Products

It’s important when picking out what products you’re using to clean your firearm that you are purchasing ones specifically made for guns. There are a lot of myths out there regarding what type of oils can be used, and using one that is not intended for guns can end up causing damage.

Volquartsen has an excellent gun oil you can purchase if you don’t already own one designed for firearms.

Gun cleaning solutions consist of three main types. Solutions intended for cleaning, those used for lubricating and then ones used for protection.

Products designed to clean your gun work to break down copper, lead fouling, and carbon. Lubricating products work to allow your gun parts to move freely, thus causing less wear. And protection mixtures are used to prevent unwanted corrosion.

This trifecta of cleaning products are designed to keep your gun working it’s best, which is why you don’t just use any old cleaning product.

4. Additional Items

Besides having a good cleaner, there are some other items you will need for proper gun cleaning.

You’ll want to have pipe cleaners or Q-tips to help clean in all the hard to reach places. You’ll also need a rag of some sort to wipe off the gun. And for barrel cleaning, you’ll need patches, a rod, and proper brushes.

Most of these items can be purchased individually, but many gun owners prefer to purchase gun cleaning kits either online or from their local sporting goods store. These kits will contain all of the items you need and provide you with an easy way to store them all in one place.

And keep in mind that different guns may require additional items. For example, a shotgun will need a longer tool called a snake to clean its barrel.

Luckily, gun kits are offered in different varieties. You can purchase what’s called a universal cleaning kit if you are someone who owns multiple different types of firearms. Or cleaning kits are sold in gun specific options.

5. Use A Tray

Guns often contain small parts, including pins and springs. And it would be a shame for you to lose one of these parts during the cleaning process.

Utilizing a tray to place under your gun while taking it apart and cleaning it can help prevent any small pieces from being misplaced or falling on the floor.

6. Protect Yourself

When deciding on the location of where to clean your gun, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. You want to pick a location that is well ventilated. The fumes from gun cleaners can be potent, and the last place you’ll want to be is inside a small area breathing them in.

You also probably don’t want the smell of these cleaners trapped inside your home. Consider cleaning your gun in the garage with the door open, on the back porch, or really anywhere that gets airflow.

You’ll also want to shield yourself by wearing protective eyewear. You don’t want to suffer if a spring to accidentally pops out or some chemicals splash in your eye. So it’s important that your eyes are protected.

7. Know When To Clean

Many gun owners often have the question of how often they need to clean their firearm. Well, the answer isn’t black and white and really depends on the use of the gun.

For guns that are regularly carried but not fired, it’s important to give it regular and quick examinations. If you notice that the gun is starting to look a little dirty, then it’s time to clean it.

For guns that may be sitting around your house or vehicle, giving it a weekly inspection will help you to notice if corrosion is beginning to occur.

If you are taking your gun to the shooting range, then it’s a good idea to clean it at the end of the day. Even if you just cleaned it before going, an extended session at the range can cause wear and cleaning it will help show you potential wear issues.

When cleaning your gun, it’s also important that you don’t rush. It shouldn’t take you longer than half an hour, but you want to be thorough during that time, so you don’t miss any places.

8. Clean The Right Way

Cleaning your gun the right way will ensure that it actually stays clean and that your cleaning efforts make the most impact. First, you want to remove all debris and lead fouling. You’ll do this with your products designed to clean the gun.

Then the next step is using the lubricant. This is where many gun owners make a mistake. The idea that “more is better”, when it comes to gun lubrication is untrue.

Too much lubrication can actually cause dirt and debris to stick to your gun, especially in the firing-pin channel and chamber. It’s best to lightly lubricate your gun and be aware that a little oil goes a long way.

Last but not least comes protection. After you’ve finished cleaning, apply a coating of your protective solution to prevent potential corrosion.

If you are storing your gun in an area with high humidity or around salt water, you may need a little bit more protection. But either way, be conscious not to over apply during this step. Rub the product on and then wipe it away, so a nice even coat remains.

9. Remember All Parts

When cleaning your gun, you want to clean all of its parts. This includes any magazines you’ve used recently or that have been used since the last time they were cleaned.

Most magazines are easy to disassemble and should be cleaned just as thoroughly as the rest of your gun for optimal performance.

10. Final Function Test

After you’ve finished cleaning your gun and putting it back together, it’s important to make sure it works. So, don’t forget to function test your firearm.

While your gun is still unloaded, use a safe backstop and pull the trigger to make sure it properly “fires”. You’ll also want to check that the trigger resets correctly when racking the slide.

Understanding How To Clean A Gun

Just like it’s important to remember that guns are not toys, it’s also important to fully understand how to clean a gun. By cleaning your gun regularly, you are showing the weapon the respect it deserves.

Cleaning, as mentioned above, is a crucial part of being a responsible gun owner and making sure your gun is in its best working condition.

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Staff Writer; Calvin Jackson

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