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7 Reasons Why Crash Diets Are Bad For You.

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( People nowadays are looking for faster ways to lose weight. As a result of this, crash foods have become a very convenient option. Over the last years, these diets have witnessed a rise in popularity and hence most people are opting to use them in order to lose unwanted weight. The idea of choosing these diets may seem tempting, but the truth is that it is more disastrous. They tend to offer quick weight loss remedies within a short period of time, they are often misleading and rarely provide you with long and sustainable results.

Below are the reasons why crash diets are bad for you:

Crashes Your Metabolism

Crash dieting is similar to starvation. During starvation, the rate of metabolism tends to slow down because your body requires energy in order to function normally. When you extremely reduce the number of calories you have been consuming for a long time, your body starts storing excess fat instead of burning it. This is the opposite because you will ultimately gain weight instead of losing it, in fact, this will hinder your weight loss process.

It Leads to Loss of Water and Protein

The weight loss you observe on the scale is not certainly a fat loss. While undertaking this diet your body tends to lose more proteins and water, which are some of the nutrients your body needs to get rid of. Excessive loss of water and proteins may result in dehydration, irritability, lethargy and also weakening of the body. This weight loss plan can shift into weight gain immediately you resume back to your normal intake.

It Leads to Too Much Weight Loss too Quickly

The majority of people are aware that weight loss is a step by step process. Losing lots of weight within a short span of time may result in health issues. These diets are associated with a variety of side effects in the long run such as weakening of the immune system, lowering the blood pressure, causing palpitations cardiac issues, as well as leading to sodium depletion. Excessive weight loss is not recommended as it makes one appear dull, lose hair, get tired quickly, suffer from health complications and in some extreme cases it may cause death.

So you need to be realistic when planning to lose excess weight. You should opt for a program which is effective.

It Leads to a Drop in Blood Sugar Levels

There is a link between carbohydrates, fats, and insulin storage. Consumption of carbohydrates leads to the production of insulin and insulin boosts the storage of fats. Subjecting yourself to starve for a longer period may lead to a significant drop in blood sugar levels which is also known as hypoglycemia. This may lead to hunger pangs, which may ultimately lead to carbohydrate binging. Heavy consumption of simple carbohydrates may contribute to the storage of fats in the body.

It is Low in Essential Fats and Nutrients

For the body to function properly, it requires essential vitamins, fats as well as minerals. These foods have little or none of these components because it is as if you are subjected to starvation mode. Essential fats are very important in aiding your metabolism rate. When you resume your normal diet from the crash one you will find yourself consuming foods rich in fats because your body is in need of them.

Those in need of losing weight should look for other supplements rather than a crash intake. Ultra omega burn is one of the best weight loss supplement in the market. The ultra omega burn helps with weight loss by enabling body fat cells to burn the fat contained in them, which is ideal for weight loss and also offers a great number of health benefits.

It Can Damage Your Skin and Hair Quality

To have a good physical appearance your body requires to have adequate nutrients and vitamins present. These foods may lead to the inadequacy of vitamins and nutrients in our bodies. Lack of proper nourishment affects the quality of your skin and hair. Sometimes it makes your skin to have a dull and dry look. Crash diets contribute to the loss of muscle tissue in the body, thereby making the skin loose and droopy. Most of the minerals and vitamins in the body ultimately fail to form as per the skin desires.

It Can Overpower Bowel Habits and Hormonal Imbalances

This diet is not recommendable. This is because it contributes to a drastic drop in the number of calories which may lead to hormonal imbalance in ghrelin and leptin. These hormones are responsible for regulating hunger. When taking crash foods, your body starts to use the preserved fats stored inside the body, which may lead to a decrease in hormonal difference as well as the rate of metabolism. This diet is also a major cause of tummy problems.

The above are some of the reasons as to why these diets are not recommended for weight loss. This is because they have numerous side effects on the body. They slow the rate of metabolism and this tends to affect the functionality of the body. It also leads to a drop in blood sugar levels and this is why it’s advisable to adopt a healthy weight loss plan.

Staff Writer; Calvin Barker


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  1. Allen Warner says:

    The keto food plan has been round for nearly a century, but it is only in current years that it is started to garner considerable attention.

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