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The Dems Need A Winnable Fight.

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( Impeaching Trump is the Democratic Party’s big rallying call at the moment. Initially, it was one that I could get behind but when you’re dealing with someone Teflon, it’s going to be an exercise in futility.

Knowing President Trump’s history and how he was a little too friendly with forces that have been antagonistic towards the U.S. for years and everything that has been released about Russia and other countries interfering with elections and so on, it would seem like a slam dunk, right? Wrong. This has been one of the most drawn out fights I’ve seen.

Don’t get me wrong, getting Trump out of power isn’t a bad fight at all. The guy isn’t even a mediocre president. It’s just not a winnable one. On top of that, it’s the middle of 2019. We’re in election season pretty much. If he wasn’t out by 2017-2018, the guy isn’t leaving on the weight of an investigation. Impeachment isn’t the winnable fight here.

So, What Is The Best Fight for Dems?

While getting him out of office isn’t going to work—he’s in the Oval Office tighter than a rusted nut on a busted toilet—the best fight for Democrats would be to get majority power in the Senate and hold power in the House.

That will probably be the hardest fight, especially when it comes to the Senate. The House? Not so much. They have numbers to work with and there’s a ton of seats to snag when the time comes. All they need to do on that front is hold on to the seats they have. Plus, this fight comes around every two years.

One thing this means is that a Representative has to have done something significant in that period to warrant remaining in office. Their actions in office will still be fresh by the time of the next election.

The Senate is a different story. They have a hundred seats to battle for and they have a few more years before that fight comes around. With a six-year term, their actions in office aren’t going to be as fresh. The news cycle will keep it fresh but the average vote might not care what a Senator from Alabama did in their second or third year when their term is up. That’s old news.

So, the battle for the House: winnable. The battle for the Senate: a dogfight. Some of those folks have held their seats for a decade or more. Majority whip Mitch McConnell entered the Senate five days after I was born. Some of them will be hard to move unless they do something so repugnant that they have to go.

What’s the Winnable Fight?

The other winnable fight would be to lay the groundwork to make sure Trump doesn’t get a second term. Now, this is going to require two main ingredients: a candidate that Democratic voters will back and someone who can appeal to everyone.

Democrats can be finicky about who they will back. In the 2016 election, Black women pretty much held it down. They weren’t enthused about Hillary but voted for her anyway because four years under the alternative wasn’t favorable. There was a back and forth between Bernie and Hillary supporters while party loyalists and those who were anti-Trump were pretty much like “Guys, vote for the one that wins.”

That’s what messed Dems up last time. Folks didn’t f*** with Hillary and weren’t going to mark her down in the ballot box. If Democrats can get it together next year and pick someone who has enough appeal to catch those voters who are either in the middle or are no long enamored with Trump or the Republican party, they have a winnable fight on their hands because Trump has done enough damage to social safety nets and the international image of the country that it would be hard to explain voting for him a second time.

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