Democrats Are Anti-American.

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( Democrats are anti-American.  Yes, I said it and I will not apologize for saying it.  Being an American citizen has almost become a liability in our country based on the actions of Democrats and the Democrat Party.  Err, correction, being an American has become a liability in America.

Anti-American means against America or American citizens.

The Democrats, sprinkled with a few Republicans, constantly advance policies that are to the detriment of the very American citizens they claim to represent.

States like California, Maryland, Texas, and Florida, to name a few, offer instate tuition for those in the country illegally.

In California, the average cost of in-state tuition and fees is $ 9,680 versus $ 32,590 for out-of-state tuition. So, an American citizen parent who has a kid that lives in Virginia, must pay almost four times the tuition of that of a person who is not even a citizen.  How the hell is that even possible?

In sanctuary cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, Jose is serving time in prison for murder.  ICE puts a detainer request in so that when he completes his time he can be deported.  But, nooooooooooo, since Jose is locked up in a sanctuary city, the police doesn’t honor the retainer; thus, Jose is released from prison without notifying ICE and he is free to commit another crime, which happens far too frequently.

Juxtapose that with Raheem, an American citizen, in jail for a drug charge and wanted in another jurisdiction for an unrelated crime.  Before he is released from jail the sheriff calls the neighboring jurisdiction to see if they want to pick Rahim up on charges related to their jurisdiction.  Yep, you heard right.

What about criminal justice reform for American citizens?

These are not extreme examples, but rather these are common examples, unfortunately.

Isn’t this discrimination against American citizens?

Al Sharpton, the NAACP, the National Urban League, the Congressional Black Caucus, why have you come down with a sudden and severe case of laryngitis?

 An illegal crosses into the U.S. and makes a claim for asylum.  He is given a court date and the judge says, “scouts honor” that you are going to show up for your court date?  Of course, the illegal tells the judge what he wants to hear and is released.

The illegal simply disappears into American society and never shows up for his court date.  His punishment?  Democrats wants to reward him with citizenship.

Pookie, an American citizen, is arrested for two thousand dollars worth of unpaid parking tickets.  His car isimpounded and he is locked up in jail until he pays the parking tickets in full or he MAY be released on some type of bond; but he still will have to come up with a few hundred dollars to guarantee he will show up for his court date.  No “scouts honor” for him because he is an American citizen.

This is not a hypothetical example, this is a real-world example.

Oh, and what about family separation?  If Pookie can’t raise the bail money to get out of jail, he is separated from his kids, and literally put in a cage.

Where are the Democrat’s cries of inhumanity?

Illegals in our criminal justice system get more deference than American citizens.

Where is Van Jones, the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund, the National Bar Association (Black lawyers)?

Where are radical journalists like Don Lemon, Joy Reid, Roland Martin, Richard Princess, Joe Madison, or Jason Johnson?  Do they not claim to be “unapologetically Black?”  Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

They lose their minds when it comes to illegals; but have nothing to say when it comes to American citizens.

When Raheem and Pookie get caught up in our criminal justice system, they get the book thrown at them, even for civil offenses like a parking ticket; but when it happens to someone in the country illegally, they get rewarded with a social security number, a job, free housing, free healthcare, and free transportation to the American city of their choosing.  And the possibility of American citizenship.  All for committing a series of illegal acts.

When did looking out for the interest of America and its citizens become immoral?

If putting America first is “nativist, ” then I plead guilty as charged; if putting American job security before an illegal is xenophobic, then I plead guilty as charged; if wanting federal monies to be spent on American babies who are in poverty and in need of medical treatment is “immoral,” I  plead guilty as charged!

I make absolutely no apologies for my “America first” attitude; and if that means I must suffer all the usual radical liberal name calling, I am more than happy to endure it.

But, if Democrats continue to put the interests of illegals before American citizens, then Trump will be reelected next year, Republicans will regain the majority in the House, and we will expand our majority in the Senate.

Only a radical liberal Democrat would disadvantage their own family, America, to benefit a total stranger from another county; a person he has never met and has absolutely no relationship with.

This is the very definition of anti-American!

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

This talented brother is a Pulitzer Award nominated columnist and founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit You can follow Raynard on Twitter; Raynard1223.