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America’s Dark and Bloody Soul.

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( When a president says he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and that his supporters would still support him, America is dark. When this con man is right about the zombies who blindly follow him, America is dark. When a president can tell over 8,000 proven lies and deceptions, have children placed in cages and commit bank fraud, insurance fraud, campaign fraud and follow the instructions of Russia instead of the word of our military generals and intelligence agencies, the America that supports him is showing its true colors. Yes America does have a soul but it is dark, bloody and in denial.


When Americans pretend that this country has a great history, they ignore the blood that cries out from the ground as a testimony against this nation from the slaves and the indigenous people lynched and slaughtered in this land. And so lying about history, trying to rewrite it or distort it in hopes that generations to come will forget what really happened will not cleanse the blood from the ground. Nor will any reparation, 6 figure job or election of a president of color brighten the heart of this dark America.

Land of the free but for whom? And were they calling America the land of the free as they brought the slaves here or as they stole the land from the “Indians”? Home of the brave or the deceived military tricked into thinking it promotes a democracy around the world that America does not even have? America has a judicial system that gives this country one of the highest incarceration rates of any advanced country our size. Opportunity? Hmmm. Equal opportunity, equal access and equal rights? No. These are the facts.


Donald Trump represents the real soul of America – dark, deceptive, dirty hands, perverted, scams and con games, conspiracies, oppression, racism, sexism, lies, misdirection, fear-mongering, false prosperity and fake history. Is it any wonder that we see the growth of sex trafficking, hate crimes, priests who are pedophiles, the killing of unborn children every single day, LGBTQ perversion and confusion, homeless and starving people even in our biggest and most prosperous cities and a justice/law enforcement system that paints invisible targets on the back of African-Americans, Muslims and Hispanics?


As for the “black” president, electing a president who looks like us does not mean America’s soul is lighter. Especially when that president, like almost every other president before him, was a team player on a team you are not on. How can the soul of a nation get an brighter when police brutality is in every major city, when active shooters come home to roost every year and when slave-minded programming causes black on black crime to infect both the identity and the potential of our people? America has a dark and bloody soul.

The fact that many of us can live in most neighborhoods, drive nice cars, shop where we like and bring in six figure incomes does not mean we have arrived on the mountain top. And I have to ask when was America ever really great for people of color – other than before the colonizers came here?

The good news? You can impact our family, your environment and your community if you are awake, if you are aware and if you know who you are. Martin Luther King Jr. shook this nation before he was even 40 years old. And you can shake the community around you in your own way. You just have to believe, prepare, step out, step up and speak up in order to make a difference.


Stop counting on the darkness of a system built to consume you, not built to help you. The African-American community has plenty of strong, intelligent, capable people. But some sell out. Others are bought off. Others won’t step up. Others have no idea of their identity nor their potential. And too many go in the wrong direction. We have to change that cycle instead of making excuses for it.

Your leaders, your heroes and your life-changers are not found in the front of your church or mosque. Nor are they found in employers, ancestors, NBA/NFL  figures nor rap artists. Your leaders, heroes and life-changers are found in your mirror. And once you realize the potential of the person who stares back at you from that mirror, you will begin to make the changes you have been waiting on others to make for you.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


2 Responses to “America’s Dark and Bloody Soul.”
  1. smt says:

    okay idk but america is actually a good country so shut the fuck up are you braindead

  2. Hello Sir, My name is Andrew Sanchez I am working on an album for my solo band This Day Is Mine and have just completed a new song entitled Penance Burns. The subject matter being exactly what I just read above. While searching for a good picture to have onscreen while the music plays i came across your incredible website. I am glad to see there are at least a few people out there still who are actually awake enough to see this world for what it really is. Underneath the lies. I was just wondering if it would be okay for me to use the image of that cracked flag? I am not making any money from the youtube channel i only wish to get my music out there and maybe wake a few more people up. Thank you for your time.

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