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About Border Security.

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(ThyBlackMan.comFace it, Bone Spur, we’re not giving you one dime to waste on either building a tribute to your ego, or appeasing the bigotry of your supporters. So you might as well stop torturing the American people trying to make it happen. 

Dems, please stop tap dancing around this damn border wall issue.  Just tell Trump NO, so he might as well stop calling meetings trying to negotiate. We’re not gonna to waste one goddamn dime on that boondoggle of a wall just to appease the bigotry of his racist base. He can throw a tantrum or do whatever the hell he wants to do, but whatever it is, he’s gonna have to do it without Democratic support of any kind.
If he wants to build a wall, let him build it with the $1.5 trillion tax cut he gave himself and his rich friends – they’re patriots with plenty of cash; or make Mexico pay for it like he said he was gonna do. Tell him to do whatever he decides to do, but don’t even bring no silly-ass wall up to us anymore, and that’s our final response. We’re not in the business of helping you appease either your ego or your bigoted base – end of discussion.
The point is, we’ve got to be firm with people like Trump and his ignorant-ass supporters, otherwise they’ll think we can be pressured into seeing things through their deluded eyes. So we can’t just stand around hemming and hawing and looking down at our feet. We’ve got to tell ‘em point blank – “Hell no, we’re not gonna pay for no goddamn wall, so get your dumb asses out of our face and take that crazy-ass bullshit with you!”
Yeah, I know, that’s kinda crude, but there’s a time and a place for everything , including being crude. If the Democrats had been a little more crude initially we wouldn’t be in a government shutdown today, because it would have sent a clear message that paying for a wall is a non-debatable issue. We’re in a shutdown because that idiot thinks he can convince us to see things his way with just a little bit more pressure. So a little crudeness is in order at a time like this. It’s time to simply say, “Man, kiss my ass! If you want to bring the government to a halt, that’s on you.” It’s time to put all ceremony aside and call a fool a fool.  It’s time for the Democrats to say the following:
“Bone Spur, You don’t give a damn about border security, if you did you’d also be concerned about the security of our Northern border with Canada. A terrorist can simply walk across the Canadian border into this country and his most formidable challenge would be trying to read the sign saying, “Welcome to the United States.” The Northern border doesn’t have anything but White folks on the other side, so it doesn’t contain the kind of bigoted red meat that you can throw to your base to generate a passion for a wall. That explains why you never mention it, because the Canadian border is not politically divisive enough.
“Your political philosophy is based on division, and since Canada is full of White Folks, advocating a wall on the Canadian border would serve no useful purpose. The entire purpose of the wall is to satisfy the racist inclinations of your bigoted White base by keeping non-Whites out of the country. Thus, the wall’s true purpose is not to maintain border security at all; the wall’s true purpose is to appeal to White bigotry by offsetting the growing demographic of non-Whites within the country, and also, to cater to your unquenchable need to glorify Donnie Bone Spur.
“It’s old news to most Americans that you will do literally anything to glorify yourself, so your proposed wall not only serves to create racial division within the country, but it also gives you an opportunity to build a lasting edifice to yourself – “THE GREAT WALL OF DONALD TRUMP.” Last year you wanted to give yourself a military parade. So we’ve got to keep in mind that we’re not dealing with a rational person with you, Donnie. We’re dealing with the kind of mindlessly dysfunctional narcissism that most Americans just can’t wrap their heads around, and we’ve got to keep that fact in mind while dealing with your idiocy.
“So it’s important that we get you and your supporters to view reality through stable eyes and stop treating you like you’re normal people with reasonable points of view. The majority of your supporters are a collection of fascists and un-American lunatics, and we need to point that out with every opportunity we get, and we’ve got to stop normalizing your outrageous demands as through they’re reasonable.
“We must never try to be reasonable in the face of stupidity, because the stupid are much too delusional to recognize our humanity. You’ll confuse our compassion with weakness and see it as a partial victory on your behalf. The primary reason that we’re finding it so difficult to deal with you is because the American people have absolutely no experience with dealing with the kind of dysfunctional instability that you’ve brought to the Oval Office. We’ve got to correct that.
“So if you wants to shutdown the government or close down our Southern border, we shouldn’t look at it as a time for compromise, we should view it as the opening salvo of a domestic enemy bent on destroying of the United States as we know it. So in short, it’s time for us to get rid of your crazy ass.”

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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