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What’s Next For Mia Love.

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( This week, Congresswoman Mia Love gave her concession speech following the race over Utah’s 4th district representative seat. It was a razor-close race with her Democratic opponent, Ben McAdams winning by 0.26-percent. I mean, that is close. That wasn’t a total blowout as if Utah’s 4th said “Nah, Mia, we’re good. You can go.” It came down to 694 vote.

What interested me wasn’t so much the closeness of the election or a blue wave continuing its roll. Oh no, it was the back and forth between the congresswoman and the president. It was a very “Is this actually happening? Is he actually using press and TV to tie up loose ends with party members?” Young Michael Corleone Trump is not.

“Mia Love gave me no love…and she lost.”

Prior to this, when the Republican seats in the House were being snatched readily, Trump came out and sprinkled some petty on those who lost. The thing is these were Republicans who felt the best move was to distance themselves from the dumpster fire that has been his presidency. Depending on your district or state, it can be pretty difficult to sell voters on why you’re still rolling with a–I’m not going to say “polarizing”–a habitual line stepper in DJT.

Associating oneself with Trump can be a strong boost or the kiss of death for that political career. It’s a gamble. One could say it’s very 50-50. It comes down to known your constituents. In that election, I’d say Mia Love knew her constituents and she would’ve taken it. That number–694–isn’t exactly a resounding rejection of Love as a representative. It wasn’t a case of McAdams wanting the seat more.

This was a case of enough people being annoyed with the Trump-wave of Republicans. That’s where we get into Mia Love not giving Trump love. Which sounded sleazy as hell when he said it and I just had the news on in background. There was probably slow head turn and scowl when I heard it. I may have uttered the words “Who hurt you?” It was two days ago and things and news hits fast.

The Workhorse

Even as part of a party that blatantly makes questionable, harmful choices, a politician can still be respectable or honorable–or at least give the air of being honorable–by just doing their job. Their peers who worked closely with them will remember them as either being a workhorse for the party, someone who really takes consideration of the issue, or an utter problem.

Mia Love was a workhorse for the Republicans. When votes were needed she was there and voted along party lines the vast majority of the time. While she was doing her job and playing her role, to use Trump’s complaint–Love showed Trump love while in office. If she didn’t she would’ve been going against her own party most of the time. Instead, her votes aligned with the president’s positions over 90-percent of the time. He was shown love.


After the results were released, there was something of a clapback from the congresswoman. Apparently, she’s unleashed since she lost her seat. She noted that relationships in Trump’s term were simply “convenient transactions” and how the party has a lot of work to do with minority voters. The thing is that it shouldn’t have taken losing one’s seat to get a good lay of the land. If you’ve been in office–even just two years–you should be able to note what demographics your party is failing to pick up. That’s especially true if your party has been failing in that respect when Black voters began jumping to the Democrats’ side in 1964.

Perhaps she always saw that but went with the party that more closely aligns with her personal beliefs–as most of us do. She still holds that a conservative approach will help Blacks but sees that the party comes off as blatantly against that demographic–and others–to the point that the needle barely moves on converting voters.

Overall, it will be interesting to see where this goes between her and the president and what she does next. The Democrats hold the House and DJT is someone who likes winners. He probably wrote the House off as a wash and won’t entertain anything from Love unless the press brings it up. As for Love, she could always mount a return in two years but will it still be as part of the Republicans? There’s also the possibilities of appearing on political talk shows to give her insight. Folks associated with Trump, formerly associated, and who have turned against him have made that jump.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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