A Layman’s Take: The Corsi Interview Was An Event.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) November 28, 2018 will mark one of the most amazing 20-minutes of interview time on TV. The Beat host, Ari Melber talked with Jerome Corsi, a Trump–let’s say collaborator. Supporter minimizes his role and he wasn’t involved in his campaign in an official role as a staffer, he wasn’t on board as a strategist, and he wasn’t there in a PR role. Although, he has experience and education in political science and PR.

The “collaborator” fit is sound because Corsi was brought in by Mueller because of his role with Roger Stone when it came to WikiLeaks and HRC’s emails. You know, those emails that kept so many of us awake at night wondering “What’s in the f—ing emails?!” Those very same emails.

Mind you, it wasn’t just the emails themselves for some people. It was the issue of a personal server as well. Which is interesting when you have a president who took awhile to use a secure smartphone, has been tapped, and has a staff member who uses a personal email account for government business.

This isn’t about all of that, it’s about the interview and what we found out. Jerome Corsi is also a writer of two NYT bestsellers and is a conspiracy theorist. His most significant theories is one that ignited the birther movement and the 9/11 theory about jet fuel not being strong enough to melt steel beams.

The Interview

First off, I didn’t really expect anyone that deep in the pot to come on and talk to someone on MSNBC. Yeah, Credico and Nunberg came in talked and those were interesting conversations. Then we have Corsi in the chair. The interview started off fairly straight-forward. Corsi answered some questions and Ari basically read parts from emails sent between Corsi and Stone about Julian Assange and the email dump.

This was all very run-of-the-mill journalism. Things were interesting when Corsi had to explain his role and events surrounding all of this. While he gave a recollection of the events, there were holes in the stories where Ari would have to “ask Roger,” the demeanor of the investigators, and how he came to conclusion about the dump. Let’s not forget the nuggets of sarcasm from Corsi.

If his recollection was available in stores the label would read “Contains vagueness and lies. Shake before serving.”

The other thing here is that he says he doesn’t want a presidential pardon and that he accepts the consequences. If he were to accept a deal, he wants immunity and doesn’t believe anything he said was a lie. However, he acknowledged what he said to investigators may of have been a lie as far as role.

That said, he made sure to let Ari know that he knows even if he got his hands on ill-gotten information he didn’t do anything illegal. All of which points to him knowing that this is all pretty damn shady business. If that many people are being brought in for this to talk with investigators, you’re involved in some pretty rancid business. You may not have done anything or anything major but there you are–in the thick of things.

Corsi’s Epiphany

He denies he was the middleman between Assange and Stone and says he doesn’t know who was. Corsi doesn’t actually mention who he believes it was. It was more “Those guys over there were discussing doing this and that about the emails.” He was in loop somewhere in there in a significant role. However, Corsi said that he came to the conclusion of how the emails would be released. This was all done during a flight to Italy for an anniversary.

The actual moment wasn’t elaborate in detail but I have it at Corsi looking up from his novel or in-flight meal, removing his glasses and going “Son of a bitch…” once the conclusion hit him. At any rate, he says that he figured it out and relayed it to Stone.

He did it with just old school sitting and pondering. No connections, no clue board with string and tacks, none of that. Of course, you can tell Ari isn’t buying any of this and constantly refers to it as “magical thinking” which…it was when you hear his side of the story.

Conspiracy and Lies

Towards the end, the interview comes back around to Corsi’s role in the roots of the birther movement. We get a little insight into his belief in other conspiracies and Ari ties it into him using it as a foundation to avoid prosecution because he believes lies. That means it would probably be hard to take Corsi as a valid witness to all of this and that he has lied before.

All in all it was an amazing interview. Ari let Corsi have his time to talk–roughly 20-minutes–and stayed on him. Corsi spun quite a yarn that minimized his role in everything. He was also very nimble on his feet when it came to spinning the definition of lying and what he did.

It’s definitely worth a watch.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.